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In 2004. Ernie's NPC was 86. Rob woodfork, WTO sports. Thanks, rob, as always, three 16 Tuesday morning August 30th on WTO two. On the top stories we're following for you this early hour, the Justice Department has now reviewed potentially privileged documents seized recently from former president Trump's Florida estate earlier this month. It has identified we're told some that may contain attorney client privileged information. Ukraine has this week launched its long awaited counter offensive against Russian forces in the southern part of the country, international inspectors are scheduled to visit a nuclear power plant in a combat zone later this week in order to avoid a possible meltdown in the area. Maryland's highest court here at home ruling this week that beltway sniper at Le Boyd mallow should be re sentenced for his 6 murder convictions locally in Montgomery county, but the counties top prosecutors has this morning he doubts that will ever happen. They would be for more on these stories and just minutes. Release of identify the 17 year old girl who was shot to death Sunday in suitland and have charged a boy, her own age, with her death. Prince George's county police say turneja riels of suitland was found around 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Kurdish drive, a few blocks from branch avenue. The preliminary investigation found that she and the suspected shooter were among a group taking part in an ongoing dispute. The 17 year old boy arrested his charge as an adult with manslaughter, and he remains in custody. He's not being publicly named because of his age. Particularly on WTO P news. Three 18 in the morning on WTO if he welcomed it. I think it weather all the age and when it breaks first as always to rich on him. All right, traveling two and across the bay bridge still working on the eastbound side they

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