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But on the back end, the story that was told the reason why he didn't want father at the house was called father heads stole two hundred fifty thousand dollars out of the account that he had now I heard right. That's what I'm saying. I heard stories sock. It circulating. But here's the thing. If if so you punch in the face because what daddy number one she was in cahoots with it. Fucking shit in the house. So the measure Hoopoe who was at the house when he pulled up everybody. Here's my question. Why does he okay? Let's like this fabric. Can we say that money MO problems fabric? You mean the TME fair? I'm gonna get them. Getting large changed my point is right here me personally. Would you have gotten a lot chain control? His dog was off the leash would you have gotten? What have you have gotten the locks changed? How can you lock out your spouse? They went married they didn't get married to a recently you show. That's what they said. That would aid say. Ages. They win married. That's how they was able to compare to testify against him at first because she went on press charges. You can you cannot legally compel whitest spouse of right now justify that's why she married. They. She married after he knocked firts outright. So evidently isn't more to the store. Oh. I've known people who have got. Today. I mean, we all know that. But at the end of the day, if I mean in the day as an adult whether it be daughter, mama. Whoever may be they make that decision now as a father, of course, you're going to be compelled to be the savior for that situation. But if she made that conscious decision to say, okay. Well, look, and she might look in the mirror and look at her transgressions of what may have caused the situation because there's always two sides of the story. So maybe she said, you know, what, hey, this is how it is transpired because of this accident this action. So guess what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go ahead and do this. Or that way. He's not prosecuted on this end for whatever reason. So here's my thing. Barring number one. If your dad is two hundred fifty thousand dollars from me if you in cahoots with them number one, you're getting out of my house. I'm may sue you. Because that's not a gift. That's and it's proven number one. That's not. That's not. That's not a comic. Shame. What joining let me finish Nafez a joint account, then there's no grounds. But the thing is your father still have to see me. Now, you're getting out of my house that relationship is over because you just two hundred thousand dollars from me here that's quarter million dollars, which I got three keys. Oh, no. That ain't jobs put saying that ain't gonna throw away the whole house over two hundred. I'm rich. I want you to answer the hallway. Yeah. The mom. Yes. You had to go that Dan what she'll take the key is to and. I got I I don't know. I can't afford lawyer. She came because I am her income. No gotta shit poppin because of him I can afford low you no she she was on her way before fast 'cause she was his style. Okay. Stylus demis. You worked for me. Right. She she got she stealing money. She had more clients because her. As Dopp, which means you stole money for me. Oh, let's go on this all the way down. I'm I'm going to court. I'm getting the best lawyers. And I'm getting my rifle visitation and possibly custody myself because because all white choosing me ninety day. My thought process is really couldn't king go here. She laid data bar. He's all right. You you your data stole from me. So now, you're got see me too. Now, here's why I have an issue with that. With the way the video Plato. Everybody was over there. Right. Like you say they have the car he went straight to threaten her. Why that grown man standing that? When he spoke to him grow man back to here's my thing. If I see that grown, man, I'm putting hands to him because that's who stole from me. And I got security with me. If I got think about it. I got I got the pit bulls. We we come into get you straight up off top point blank period. Now. But now, this is just my thought process, and I've been some situations now in my life..

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