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6 in this roster and that's Johnny cardozo. Played four games for the U.S.. All friendlies. One of them was a start, I believe, by no means has played a competitive game, a big game of this magnitude for the U.S. miss nationally. If Johnny gets hurt, you've got no nominal 6s. It would have been to the benefit of Anthony Hudson and his team to have a player like Kellen Acosta who's tried and proven World Cup experience a master of the dark arts and shit housing. And then also a dead ball specialist. It just made sense there. I don't understand why he didn't do that. Now you have to hope Johnny cardos is the man. One, and he stays healthy too. What do you think? Why do you think both sergeant and Kelly Costa were left out of the roster? Well, Kellen cost I believe he's trying to separate the two and give it to the gold cup. Still, you should cover because the defensive midfielder. And when it comes to Josh Sargent, it has to be injury concerned because it has to be it's been on a tear. It has to be negotiated on the chair since before the World Cup after the World Cup. He's a player that's in good form. I would assume it's injury concerned even though he played yesterday. Yeah. I mean, again, going back to Costa has been actually really good for the national team. It's not that he has only been good for LAFC, big reason why they're current chance, Major League Soccer champs, but whenever you needed someone else to come and give a hand in midfield, that was always getting a Costa. Yeah. That was bear holders go to guy. Whenever you need it, you need an fresh set of legs, good arm ball, good off ball. Yeah, that was a big, big surprise. Now, on the show, we've spoken highly of following balagan. And we've recounted his goals. He's doing great in France. He was not called up by England and the question now bears is there a possibility that he joins the U.S. miss national team in the future. This is what Anthony Hudson had to say about him. With flow, all our say, Tom is that there's been there is open dialog with him and his team. And that dialog is continuing and that's all I can say on that one. Okay, and then after

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