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Country are seeing some nasty winter weather. John Lawrence is following that for us this morning. John many Americans didn't have to dream about a white Christmas snow fell in parts of the west coast, including California this week. It was very the. Christmas. I've ever had the white stuff isn't all funding games. A mix of snow and ice caused more than a dozen vehicles to crash on freeway fifteen year the home pass in California. Over. See John Dahl. This winter storm is expected to crawl across the center of the country Wednesday. Winter weather alerts are affecting more than four million people and roadways throughout the plains. And midwest are expected to be dangerous throughout Friday. It's not worth it. Any accident? Is gonna be slow. You don't even more. But potentially safety of everybody else is is obviously more important as for the south. Forecasters say residents there should prepare for heavy wins downpours and even large hail. Correspondent John Laurence reporting. We will be checking in with meteorologist Brian Thompson. For the latest national weather update in just a few minutes to make sure that you stick around for that. There are some airport weather delays possible today. So if you're flying back home or offer a few days of holiday Cajun holiday vacation. This is for you airports around the country can have different problems in Dallas. The problem today could be thunderstorms. Denver is having some snow issues possible. Houston's thunderstorms Kansas City area airports could have rain issues. Minneapolis Minneapolis could have some delays because of snow or a possible. Rain snow mix especially later in the day and.

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