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Yes. From curb your enthusiasm a lot of the goddamn young. What he young young people would know as real life, brother. He died Funke. Yes. That's right. L Brooks is real life brother and the real last name Funkhouser Einstein. That's right. Yeah. I saw I saw documentary or very just became obsessed with him one night. Do that. I do that. Yeah. And I remember berating not berating. But just firing all these new facts about Monkhouse and on my wife and the next morning. Thrills of drinks, Brian. I'll get into something. And I'll just become obsessed with it. Oh, you missed you missed party, by the way. I remember it was Blong before deadliest catch Brian. And it was like three in the morning, and I was hammered this is like nineteen ninety nine thousand. And I I became obsessed with finding out how a king crab work and how they catch the king grabs how they migrate worthy. King crabs. Are what is the deal with king crash still alive addictive personality? And then they made entire show continue to watch, of course, deadliest catch. But yeah. And I remember a moment. I'm like, oh my God. It's three in the morning. What am I doing research inking? Thinking. I looked in the mirror just like the guy breaking his kids piggybacks pay for his drawn. Oh, it's not like that. At all catch. Glimpses stuff in the mirror. What else? Okay. So moving on. And I I did not dislike the not loved him. You'll let's all you want to you on a dictate dictate the ad order. Where would you where do you wanna go? I was only going to pivot to a film that we had both seen that has the same run to my describe a very different reaction to. Okay. We can we can we both thought because you text me earlier go. What is it vice? Yes. Vice ice is that okay? This is Brian movie. This feels like it was focus. Brian. Because it's kind of like your world with the. Go ahead. Okay. All right. It's not to do the things that I'm doing all ready. So I I guess I could still do it because I haven't. Yes. Carling now inside behind the curtain of the boys club in points cloud. Oh, you a C frat? Boy. I mean, that's that's like. Pitted. Me of a good point white boys climbing there. Podcasting PETA meet white boys club. Vice by twenty thousand film in theaters now written and directed by Adam McKay, you may know his work as the writer director of the big short. This has a lot in common with the Bank short a lot. You could if you did not tell me tell you the same direct or. It was made by somebody who really liked. Exactly, I call this big short light. That's a west good. It's a good way to put it the skinny short bad like the vice president to the beach wellpoint vice short Christian bale as Vice President Dick Cheney in the Adams as his wife Lynch Cheney Alison pill. I said this isn't getting higher billing. I know she's not a huge star. But she is a very important character of this much much more important Sheila show up until like halfway through the movie, she's young child Steve curl, much larger named you understand. I do I just I'm disappointed and incited and understand disappointed Krell as what's fuck, Donald Rumsfeld. Sam Rockwell as George W Bush Perry as Colin Powell killing it, Jesse Plemmons the great Jesse plummets. Love the plans are humble narrator. Gotta love the plumbing. Twenty minutes in the movie. I'm like how they pick this narrator. Why why have I I was waiting for it to come around? And then I'm like, okay. Yeah. We talk much more about that. We're going to do spoiler riffing. Spoiler Christian bale pity becomes president. But no, I think we should speak. Maybe about the end and some of the things that happened and some things that work and don't work for patriot listeners would that are spoil rethink six around tomatoes same as the meal felt very differently about this movie. Here's the thing..

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