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In commercial. You can still find it on youtube but it starts off it. It's the dog talking to the horse. And he goes. Where's jill in a dog. Said all she's out lonely walk into cornfields again. Showed her walking through the cornfield off at another cattle ranch. And i had these cows talking to each other and to go. They're all looking at the farmer. Holden's feed bucket in cows are talking to each other and they're going to you think dave will ever find his true love and the other cows said not hanging out with us all day and then i had I had some animation and this commercial. I mean i'm telling you. It only costs a couple of hundred dollars and also it started going viral. It was amazing. And i got it on some television real inexpensive spots and they started going viral. Then it started getting media attention on my goodness. that's a whole nother story. All sudden the cleveland plain dealer. They did a story it the same day or the day before. Newsweek magazine contacted me and they both hit. They went viral either not viral. But they got picked up by the. Ap wires is starts spreading across the country. I had over fifteen hundred requests for interviews in one week. It was the most insane thing ever. And if i was doing this podcast back. Then i would have been fifteen hundred and one. So you're you're lucky that you avoided another one there. Yeah it just kept on going. It was like every television network. You know nationally. Other local local broadcast stations did a story that got attention of the national in. Every magazine started contacting newspapers radio stations. They even got my home phone number somehow radio station in colorado and they called the goes jerry there. My way said no. He's not he's he's at work they go. Okay we'll try to contact and she said. I don't think you're going to be able to get a hold of as being bombarded by requests for interviews and they go well while we just interview you get. My wife has no no clue right and so it was like a morning talk show with the comedians on a country station in colorado. They were planning on doing like a one minute interview. They had her on there for like an hour taking calls she had no idea to stock in about but it just. It was an insane period of time..

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