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Yeah welcome back to drag racing this is deidra also known as miss things out you get your own music now i feel special in when we come back from the next rate we got music gonna come on hold she's listening to me todd cynthia you've got your about landon we've gotta work now he just wants the does he doesn't want butterflies counter cry oh my gosh oh it's windows terrible thirty eight i think when does crowd is is the music we need to go out to at the top of the hour break we're going to dose cry okay i'll flat flatman chicken wings so you think here's your visual they flat pretty good let it tell us about somebody who brought us here this morning we have racing products knew what you and now gotta go there and i to decide where i want a single or dual nattrass tight holder you gotta have to because because what because just because it's not well that's a good enough reason i know what landen's reason is but you need to because you need a tank in your car and another tank to purge stop with have you heard you all going down the diesel the rocket or a jet trucks takeover blows out state a fifty dollar pass i don't think so i'll look cool anyway oh i'm sorry angus single or dual bottle holder that's aluminum piece sharp pajau ya you can get from that don't to hydrogen fuel fuel mattress refills oriole park mayor liquor water pumps fans lead electric water pump on lambeau to hey thanks always ready.

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