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Melwood or Go to Millwood dot or g'kar. It's 5 38. Traffic and weather on the eights. We go now to you and Crawford in the traffic center off to a less than flying start on the inbound 3 95 approach to the 14th Street Bridge. That inbound bridge still shot down. Roosevelt Bridge has been reopened. Arlington Memorial Bridge As far as we know, is still shut down the scheduled opening time for these bridges around six o'clock. But right now, the 14 3 Bridge very, very shut down, and the delays are building back toward Crystal City. Expected ways inbound on 3 95 again. Roosevelt Bridge is still open, and the key bridge has been open all night long. If you're looking to get into downtown, what you're into downtown again. Ah, lot of closures remaining basically south of K Street north of the freeway. They're trying to get it reopened. But it took days to put into place and it's gonna take some time to disassemble all of those barriers to try and get around and down two On new crash activity being reported on the freeways. We continue with the district. This is going to be westbound on the freeway near 12 Street, with caution for what may be in the roadway in Maryland to 70 South bound, watched her crash activity in her Bucky's town, Pike. And on the 95 all the BW Parkway. No reported delays. Virginia 3 95. The main travel leads are good heading up to the 14 3 Bridge in the express lanes, which are pointed north near Duke Street Report of a tractor trailer broken down Ledo Pizza is where, because little pizza never cuts corners. Ledo Pizza has been a local favorites. 1955 order online at legal pizza, Kami and Crawford. W T O P traffic. We've got a bit more mild day coming up here. Let's check with Matt Ritter morning cloud of this than becoming mostly sunny. This afternoon. We're skin cool Highs will be in the mid forties of the low fifties. Clear and cold.

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