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Fall, and I can tell you this. There was So much support around this event. We're at max capacity at both restaurants. People were wanting to be in a safe environment. They were wanting to come together as Houstonians as we talked about earlier. I want to do and experience great wine at a great event and, yes, the event was a tremendous success. We are planning. Um as we speak right now. It'll be in person at some capacity based on CDC guidelines and so forth and 2021. That's the reason we'll have the date the middle of the latter part of June but will be in October November, but we want to be able to provide Our guests with the most amazing wine experience and competition that they that they can have and that they deserve, and that's what iron Som is. It's It's been noted by Dell Robertson with the Houston Chronicle was Houston's premier wine event and competition and we're very privileged showcase that event and utilize that event to more importantly, you know, raise funds for Children living with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. So how do People get their Children into a periwinkle camp. Uh, I know that you're completely or directly associated with the Texas Children's Hospital. But of course you probably serve families that are coming from other systems. Right. So how do you How does one get in? Do you just go to Perry winkle foundation dot org. Yes, You can go to our website to find out all about our camps, Arts and Survivor programs, patients and campers and artists and so forth and survivors that we work with our Patients and or treated at Texas Children's hospital. So to attend one of the camps you you're a patient. You need to be a patient at Texas Children's Hospital,.

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