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His fourteenth season in the nfl all with the green bay packers rogers says he wants to be a packer for life chris how big a deal is it for rogers to finish his career right where he started i don't think the i don't think it's going to be able to go anywhere aaron came into a situation where he was drafted he fell in the draft so they had a luxury been take them they have bret for i don't think that the packers very few teams colts we so andrew luck being landed him with having the bad season but this is not the way it happens you don't go from legendary quarterback to legendary quarterback i think it's important aaron rodgers as the best thrower in the game and the branding of the green bay packers it's important i'd like to see tom brady now it's important for me that all players but this nice to have a few dares gee guys it's nice to see tom brady if he can finish his career new england and ann rogers playing for the packers to me that that's good that's good branding for green bay it's great for the nfl and i believe it's great for other players to build a see that when you perform in a certain level that contracts dispute it won't it won't get between you and organs asian do you think if your career had started in minnesota if you didn't have the philadelphia part for years that you would have still ended up playing that one year in miami or would it have been more important to you some the philadelphia thing really didn't have anything to do with it i just really wanted to play more football i knew i could play at a high level i knew the wouldn't a chance of winning championships there in minnesota so no that that that wouldn't have changed if i could change anything over again i wouldn't have personally gone through the things that would do i become the person but if i could change it all over again i would accomplish the same thing in philadelphia like i wouldn't have gone through all that so i would play if you to tell me you can play one place it would have been drafted by philadelphia and playing there in philadelphia we talk about what it means for the packers organization and.

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