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At one out so those will be our two guests we are going to take one of them early though just to accommodate their training session that they have enough paul felder so you know we're here for a few minutes take a quick break talked to paul there and then come back and we'll have long stretches of time to converse would do a date are do our daily debate and just talk about that latest news that's out there in the square to mix martial arts this is one of those times where we can always talk about the fights took place in ain that's coming up but nothing's hinging on this on a fight week for any of the major organisations um both ballot or and the ufc are off and twit some people wanted ice yes so this is kind of our chance to do the top ten list or mount rushmore talk or hell i i think at some point out what you guys to solidify the junkie gathering in all explain why there was even yet another delay in uh kind of giving an official stamp to that as well but uh here we are how happy humpty everybody husky eight and you're saying feeling better not really alone i am alassane i was actually struggling you should but no i'm not i mean every day is already had a better though reagan hurts to sit right now for example but aside from that um yeah every day is little better you're feeling little sick louis and thought one of the worst once you've received now it's one of the best ones actually at all just hit me right after the show and then you know you spend a day we have like watery eyes in the next day of luca plus knows in the next day in all that happened instead of days it just happened in hours so when i woke up in the morning i felt better than i did yesterday i am but i still haven't had the running knows yet some by the way electing that some tempted here by the way i do suggest you take his advice in libya some chicken soup or something pie would wouldn't conceal.

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