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Capitol on high alert right now for armed protests this weekend, Olympia rolling out extreme security measures around government buildings following the deadly siege at the U. S. Capitol comas Joel Marino talked too concerned people in downtown Olympia. They're a fencing surrounds much of the state capital and state Patrol and members of the National Guard keep a close watch on the grounds with such a show of force, Olympia police are beefing up their own patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods. Case, Any groups decide to splinter off. They have not stopped it before on. They allow it to happen downtown and carry over from the capital. State officials would rather be safe than sorry in a position overwhelming forces around the seat of government. Olympia Police are adding their own measures like extra patrols to make sure nearby businesses in the downtown area. Stay safe, too. Unprecedented times. Obviously, everybody's really unsatisfied in the lake is a really disturbing time for everybody. Law enforcement says There are no explicit threats against the state capital, but We are hearing about groups ready to come to Olympia to take action all ahead of the presidential inauguration, and I feel like this election is just people have lost their minds. The National Guard continues to protect the state capital here in Washington, as it has since Sunday. But what about other potential targets of violence? Who will protect those almost mad? Markovich talked with law enforcement professionals. Including Kurt Boil at the Washington State Fusion Center and Joe Damico with security services. Northwest groups may be targeting so called soft targets, the phones of private security agencies are now ringing off the hook. Protect both critical infrastructure. Um retail businesses Security services. Northwest has had to do a three fold increase in staffing since summer. And it's not just for protection but for rapid extraction of employees and needing to You know, sending security teams toe, grab their employees and then pull them out. The state's fusion intelligence gathering center is working to get accurate information out about all potential targets to that that information to make sure it's not misinformation or disinformation and making sure that it's credible information. Law enforcement veteran Jeff You too, says the average system needs to practice. Situational awareness. What seems normal for the area? What seems abnormal for the area And if something doesn't look right, tell somebody and get out of the area. Trust your gut that Markovitz reporting To the Corona virus pandemic. The state Health Department releasing the newest totals in the outbreak, reporting nearly 286,000 total cases, including confirmed in probable cases, nearly 300. More people have been hospitalized. However, that number is bigger than usual because of a backlog in reporting. State, adding 27 more deaths, pushing the death toll to more than 3900. Since the start of the outbreak, President elect Joe Biden outlining a new five point plan to ramp up Cove in 19 vaccinations across the country. He says his administration will work with states to.

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