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Open play. I just think macy's in his later years even you know even though he was actually pretty good the other day he wasn't i think he's been playing. Okay yeah i think so yeah. He's pretty catan. I just think this boss at the moment. I think it's just until they can figure out something that really genuinely works as long as they win. That's all they can really hope. For the moment. Bush guys hanging on hanging on hanging in there. He s he s there. The game and not group uday won four one in budapest against furnish fire to forgive our murata second was glorious. He's onside bless his heart. There's a moment who's running through the first goal. And he saw him holding his run again. You could see you this time via damn uva on my gosh to horrible identical mistakes by the virus. Keep photobiology goals to put the ball. Actually look apologetic. Arthur breakthrough them off the second in particular. He was just lying. almost. I'm sorry. But i could see him like yeah. I'm into. I'm into headband. deli owner. I think i love this guy. And i think yeah me too. He looks he looks about fourteen years old. Though the moment someone had a great tweet someone said how is it. The talkin hazard looks younger. Mobile just playing for. I think i think tomorrow is the same. Be like a michael j. fox five energy. Yeah dad chow. Yeah well bossert. Group played three one three. Ev second on six points to go through on the. yeah yeah Let's see speaking dormant. They bruised three nell in brutish light. Work light work. Talk about alien hall and a k so ellen in scored fourteen champions league goals eleven matches to give you a rundown the players that he's now scored more goals than this was from a tweet from bt spoiled call us Dimitar berbatov vattimo foul cow the veggie route josiah rome kaku mike eleven data coster kristin vieira and he's played eleven. Trump is game. I think it took ronaldo and messi cristiano renaldo in leo messy. I think. I think it was messy. Was i think was thirty. Two games were policies if the numbers wrong. It was early thirties for him to score. Twelve chomping at fourteen champions league ghosts and rinaldo. I think was in the in. The case is wicketless. Both mess corey accelerated renowned ones teams had built around them but holden's scoring is astonishing. It's not the it's not like it's just an easy era he's genuinely. I don't know how many more people have to hear this. But he has absolutely the real deal a moment. We scores his first goal and he was so determined to school. That goal was wanting to throw a tarp poland over off into smuggle and smother the ball into the net by cable. And the thing about him is. He's not fill up most by him as a football is he's not vain he he's not too vain to sco dark. Rico why go. I love that because he will score floated chip and he will score the fakes. The keep to the ground. He will school thirty yards across boats. But at the same time he'll go in and just hammer in from two yards. Yes he was great. I love about this while about dominating this game was you know. Put this game to bed. Early very early in half an hour. Shot up before on any any. Bruce lessons club. Bruges that play. You've got that emmanuel dennis. Oh dot is a beautiful this man the footwork and the guys early twenty s. I was like this. This guy has got to be some heat on this guy. That's going to be some interest on this play because he's he looked super impressive. Logger plays come from that club. Well as well. But i'm not really good win for dortmund ahead of the classical. Well don't buy on the weekend ego prediction for the concert. I'm no fool fullerton It's funny because weirdo by buying the looking. Resilient i hesitate to say that looking transcendent because southbound mccray southwick. Everyone could came ashley. Besides bankrupt for rattler lenny anyone. It's hard to draw conclusions. No predictions on this one I learned my lesson of failing. No are not going to publicly announce it. Now i can. I can feel the energy to toss those at the other game. That group zenit drew will with lot. Lonzo senate go was gorgeous. Always sounds like they're about million people in the senate stadium. Yeah fulsome dominance. Help it out group. Which is good considering. They had that disappointing loss in in rome to year. Lassio is still struggling with about. What was it fifteen cova cases or something like that. Yeah the second. Five points bruges on fed on full. We need to talk about something quite serious. Yup i'm going to let this question from yen's onto a to do the talking. Is it time to press the panic button on atalanta and into already especially because of how good milan sasser napoli looked so. Atalanta were demolished liverpool midweek. They're officially in trouble yet. The finely oiled machine when your plan. A is so good but you've never dated a plan. We haven't needed plan. B for couple of years on people stop gaming the system gaming the system. Yeah that's what that's what happened to them like And people keep spring. The trump people have seen it. Now some doria have seen it. Napoli of seen it and liverpool have seen and the bees all.

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