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I'm going to tell the team go ahead to Sean or is it like now we squelched that after I went up to the team and said guys keep playing ball nobody's going anywhere. So does that mean? Oh, Texans are out of the running if they could've traded four dudes for three draft picks their out or leaderships one thing. Running the entire show let me explain to you something. It always goes to the. SAGS MC I'm here the phone number seven, three, two, one, two, five, seven, nine, you want to chime in. I've heard this and I've mentioned this before. When coaches leave wooded players say a lot of times when the coach gets fired a lot of times I'll coach didn't deserve it. You deserve better. A wish he wouldn't have got fired well then what we say well, you should have played better if you loved him that. Much. Right. So in this case with a team that's one in five. My quarterback who's really good and I liked leadership and his input. Gets to tell the team that nobody's getting traded. So does that so so what happens all the sudden they trade cop for the day tree if they did trust stills. Shawn's mad. Stupid you. The Accountability Fall is a fall on. We'll deschamps really not got the year of the team and the guys look at to shot I thought you told us all they nobody going anywhere. If they're not even trying to shop guys into Sean? Squelch there's like that. He was allowed to do this this organization's Never GonNa Win and Talk Scott loud this week. I. Mean Not only on our show I. Mean, I, kind of talking about last week but. I mean with Green Bay town in needing wide receivers in the Texans being this bad and having wide receivers. Does that make sense for that team? The talk I'd even louder over the last couple of days and Yeah. Sean is throwing his weight around without talking to anybody. And then something does happen. It's just A. This organization. Maybe, it's just not bill O'Brien like we've been saying obviously on the field he doesn't tackle and do that kind of stuff. But fascinating to me. This was no surprise that Chamot's would say something like this. I honestly we've been sitting here talking about tearing things apart and trade and things and everything I've had zero expectation that they will trade anybody because that's what they do and you know what I'm not I won't be surprised if they don't trade anybody but here's what I don't understand. Is it? No offense. Your team's not playing good enough for the quarterback to dictate with the personnel does your one and five Peyton manning didn't get to dictate most of his career what the personnel didn't Indianapolis and he's got far more skins and trophies on the wall. Then our quarterback here now over the long haul, Sean may be that guy and he's a hell of a player and I've always said as I said earlier, I, I'm all for you stepping up if you don't like what's going on to go back in the room when Bill Brown's here Tim Tim, you know what? A the guys feel more comfortable. This do I don't like that good coaches do oh, you don't like this. Let's let through after the week practice. Then then we're not GONNA call it. Why would you get that? And if you go to the Sean and say Hey Sean what do you think man he's confident in private and he says you know what if we get the proper for I just don't feel it. No doubt Aaron dirty long you don't give give you input. Sure. He's your best player and he just signed for eight million. Eight billion dollars I get it..

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