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Mike you know this is an issue that we hear about time and time again both nationally and locally about officers being let go from one department but still being able to move on to another and we've seen examples of that here in our state correct. Yes we have Last year i did a story for the seattle times that looked at officers who have hopped from department department after a really serious allegations of misconduct. We found one example in officer named nick hogan who had a series of use of force incidents against people of color He was actually found guilty of violating. Somebody's civil rights for a spraying pepper spray on them while they were strapped down to a gurney and yet after all that he was still able to keep his certification. He agreed not to be an officer as part of a settlement. But he's still in good standing with the state. Okay all getting back to the situation with car. It seems in some people may see. It seems kind of hard to believe that a police officer could engage in this kind of misconduct on the job and still make the case that they should keep their certification. Why does car have a shot. In this instance the law is super narrow here in washington More sovan and other states. It only has four categories misconduct that allow for decertification. It's dishonesty use or possession of illegal drugs if officer loses the right to own a gun which is typically for domestic violence or criminal behavior conducted under what's called the color of authority and that last category could include sex while on duty but the state has to prove that the conduct was criminal Whether or not the officer was charged with a crime. And that's a pretty high bar to meet. We went back and looked at the history and the state has decertified three officers for on duty sex since two thousand three and at least one other had his case overturned on appeal. Well austin the state legislature is considering legislation to expand the authority of the criminal justice training commission. It's the first major change in what about two decades. It wouldn't affect cars case but could it have an impact on future cases like this one. Yes and you know. This is in the context of the push for more police. Accountability generally especially in the wake of high profile. Killings of people. Manolis in tacoma. George floyd in minneapolis but the changes the legislatures contemplating would go beyond just the use of deadly force. The bill pending before the legislature would allow the state commission distribute officer of their certification for a pattern of conduct that fails to meet the ethical and professional standards required of a police officer or that jeopardizes public trust or confidence in the law enforcement profession..

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