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Entirely Twitter and YouTube followed suit. Since then. The Facebook oversight board launched last year entitled as an independent group of law take, and political experts has been reviewing the move. I think that they will likely reinstate his account Shannon McGregor from the school of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina. What I worry and what I suspect might happen if the board gets attached to, you know, trying to find some direct causal. Mechanism from his Facebook posts to the incitement of violence at the U. S Capitol in January six. That might be hard to prove in a in a very causal sense, and they might make a decision based on those crowds. The decision is being keenly watched by Social Media experience. Monica Stephens is an assistant professor at Durham University in England on the University of Buffalo is going to start a new president in a platform for how the platform relates to various global and political leaders. The big question Is whether Donald Trump will start using Facebook again if he's allowed to Monica Stephens says that might depend on whether any reinstatement comes with conditions. My feeling is that Trump himself may not give his voice to a platform that he feels a censoring him. Jennifer Greig Ola, social media specialist from Syracuse University. Sizzle. This talk misses the point that the winner here is Mark Sucker Bush, right? So he he set this up because it gets him out of a pinch with the U. S government for gives him this arms like, Well, these folks over here make the decision. So either way, you know, I think Mark's Achterberg is the winner. Facebook is the winner. It doesn't really get it. The core, which is Should government officials around the world be tweeting be posting on Facebook? What we've done is we've normalized propaganda channels from government officials in timing that seems unlikely to be coincidental. Donald Trump has today launched his own platform off sorts on his website under the heading from the desk of Donald J. Trump. He's began posting press releases He's been sending out on e mail since the social media bands came into effect alongside the texts or Twitter and Facebook icons to allow users to post the texts straight to those platforms. It seems the former president isn't waiting for the oversight board to try and get his content back online. This is Barbara Miller in Washington reporting for a M. Let's run through some finance C and C banks just posted a 45% improvement in the Thai fear profit to $2.94 Billion in more evidence of an improving economy I ended has released almost $500 million it had previously set aside. To cover potential loan losses from the covert pandemic. William Wall straight into generally lower after the U. S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the Federal Reserve might need to lift interest rates as inflation begins to rise, while the Dow Jones industrial average ended slightly higher. Australian dollars loan this morning it just over 77 us Since that's am on Sabra Lane. It's half past eight. Huh? This is Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Milburn. Good morning. Great to have your company this morning on the program, turning off the guests in Victoria well placed in one place, continued hotel quarantine breaches and for the very first time Jasmine Ellen, who's the daughter of the late mobile phone tycoon Crazy John Millen. She's speaking to me this morning, and she's speaking out about her allegations of rape against then Caufield, grammar boy. More voices being raised about consent and sexual violence. It's a crucial conversation and it's one you won't want to miss, that's all coming up this morning to joining with your calls. Let's get some news headlines. James Hancock Good morning to you. Hello, they'd say the deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormick has declared no one will be jailed under the government's India travel ban. The prime minister yesterday said it was highly unlikely. The opposition in Victoria is pushing for the government to release last year's draft pandemic plan. Spokesman David Davis says his party has been trying to get access to documents relating to the coronavirus response. For a year under freedom of information. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the first face to face G seven meeting in two years shows diplomacy's back the talks in London a covering a wide range of topics, including how to counter the glory influence of autocratic governments, such as those in China and Russia. And authorities in Amsterdam have introduced a ban on advertisements at subway stations that promote fossil fuels or industries and products linked to them from Monday, publicity's for so called high carbon lifestyles, such as tickets for cheap holiday flights. Cars using petrol will be banned. Milburn's weather partly cloudy today 17 degrees the top right now It's nine and I'll have more news at nine. ABC radio Milburn traffic. Have.

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