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First Time shooters can go to drink a favor dot com. The hope is that it will be back there at some point. I think the NFL is pretty committed to that. And we'll be back because the plan was so good and the environment would have been so great In the city was was ready for it. You know you know there's an forever This is unique. They understand it But Yeah like Vegas would've been amazing and we'll be again that was ESPN. Seth Markman. Who was talking about? How talent is feeling a little left out that we weren't going to get the extravaganza in Las Vegas. We know the city of Las Vegas. And probably the Las Vegas raiders as well or feeling some of that and we can't wait till we can find out when we do get. Nfl draft back here in the city. So it'll happen at some point. We know. But his quickest everybody would like Ma- maybe maybe not. Maybe we're looking at the believe we had said. Twenty twenty two would be Probability but we still don't have anything new on that but what we do have for you. Here is a mock draft that we're going to get through with picks one through sixteen. We have a lot of names that I think. A lot of people are waiting at the top and so we already know the Bengals redskins. Lions are one two three. I think a lot of people are looking at Joe Borough Chase young and then the three is where it gets interesting for me. Because I we've heard that the lions are maybe looking out to seek out a trade maybe business. Where is like a Simmons goes may be? This were quarterback goes. I Know Adam. This is something on your Nfl MOCK draft. Where you have put on your third version of the chase. Young is actually going third that the redskins are jumping onto at number two. So for me I have gone job roads and then to chase young is they assume ends with a possible question. Mark on trade there for number three. Adam what have you done with your mock draft here on the Review Journal site and What why why do you have to go to your mentioned The third one the fourth one will be coming out later this week in two will no longer be in that to spot even though he should be. I mean I think part of my thinking there was what they should do. The redskins have like nine quarterbacks on the roster actually none that can probably play so. It's a difficult spot to be. But they have acquired tile Allen. I don't really look at him as the answer. I certainly would not look at Wayne. Haskins as the answer. There's also weird rumblings out there about Alex Smith. I think that there's a lot of question marks there for the quarterback and I just feel like you. If you've got a guy like to a WHO could be a generational talent and you feel good about his medicals. You should take up now. The problem is nobody can really get a look at them. The can't really be sure about medicals and I just feel like teams are going to be a little hesitant especially when you have the best player in the draft who has not joe but is chase. Yang a sitting at number two I. I do think they're going to end up taking him Especially with some of the stuff. That's coming out of there. Even though you have smokescreens I just think it's going to be really tough to Patricia. And then three becomes interesting because the best fit. There is the second best player in the draft. Jeff Ikuta but I. I think that they feel they could trade down and still get it so do. The chargers make a move to get the quarterback that they want does another team trying to jump up to. The dolphins gets scared that somebody trades into three or four into they try to move up from five using some of their draft capital to move into that spot. We don't know but if somebody moves up to three. I'd imagine it'll be for a quarterback and then the lions will do what they can to try to get Jessica And we'll see how that works out but there is a lot of questions I think beginning at number three all right Benny to add to that. I mean do you think there's a trade? That happens here Eddie. Think.

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