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Distancing and face coverings. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says it's aware of the event and will be conducting inspection. ABC is Chuck Seabirds in tax is also keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Hanna, which is expected to become a hurricane by the time it reaches the state Southern coast. Hurricane warning is in effect for portions of the coast. Forecasters believe Hannah could produce of the 15 inches of rain in isolated areas through Sunday. And every tornado or two are possible in the Pacific. Hurricane Douglas is moving closer to Hawaii, the National Hurricane Center says. Douglas is about 600 miles east of Hawaii's Big Island and has a maximum SIS has maximum sustained winds of about 115 miles per hour. A hurricane watch currently in effect for most of the islands, where hurricane conditions or possible within the next 48 hours, forecasters warn of damaging winds High surf And heavy rainfall now the latest traffic and weather together right now, No no reports of any accidents. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced Dentistry Weather Center from social distancing and pre screening patients toe appropriate pp. Our focus remains on safety. Learn more at no fear. Dentist dot com slash patient safety Now and throughout our entire Saturday Lois, 66 high of 89. We stay clear of night We dropped to 68 Sunday. Mohr Sunshine. More human, though high of 91 from your severe weather Station of nine first warning, Chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio 700 w. Well, don't radar showing a clear sky. Our current temperature is 71 degrees. Ohio reported more than 1500 new cover 19 cases Friday with 41 new deaths. 140 hospitalizations in 16 new ICU admissions for also in the state Health Department's latest numbers. More than 10,000.

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