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Shot at ten Matthews has back right circle et cetera. Feed walked by circuit. Yup. Jeev reverses it around to the far side and Ryan Callahan earns for strong to the far corner. Now surrogates you have in the near corner. I JT Miller on the right wing out to Callan side at center, he'll stride across the Toronto line. Pull up left circle drop it LaPointe Chernick shoots over the net. Rebound his plead along the near boards by Hyman jam it out. Adam Ernie is going to track the puck and the lightning end with nearly five minutes into the third. Lightning down three to Ernie up. The middle at center ice leap pizza rally across the blue line, right circle. Anthony Sallee lease it back toward shirt ACA. Got blocked by Martorell. He gets it back right circle Ernie shot a wide left out of the zone. Johnson. Johnson. Putting on the jets down the right wing cross. The blind right circle leaves it from Arnor in the right corner, martyr hot potatoes that around to the near side Sorolla intercept lighting did well to get back to Pennsylvania right there. Mcdonagh farside for corn, y'all golf it out. It's going to bounce into the leaf San with fourteen thirty five remaining three to Toronto Igarashi gone. On the right wing the middle from our one times it back to his own. Aunt for Jake Gardner is the leaves get a change upfront lining. Also, get fresh players on the ice. Here's gardner. Looking things over lead. Feed Marlow got an escape and then kicks it to stick. And dumps it in danger already been a lightning short feet for stamp goes on the right wing lifts at franglais Polat back for stamkos speeding, etc. Stamkos barrels across the blue line. Rights are gonna Kucha high flat Girardi shoot. Save Nate Anderson kicks out to cadre Kadri reverses it up the left wing Morgan Riley back for cadre off his stick had ministerial illogic for kucherov at center who drove across the Toronto line pursues it to the right circle who dropped pulls upright point because cross ice circuit shop. You'll March to the left circle circuit. Chef takes it behind that circuit chefs still going right circle..

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