Olympics, Delaney., President Trump discussed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney


Delaney. There is much happening over Special Olympics, the president undercutting defaults, and she gets her proposal in the end to slash funding. There was so much vitriol in reaction to that shocking proposal each on that obviously there's so much more coming out of Washington. And then there's some crazy things happening to me a basketball. Oh my gosh. And then Jesse smell. Let was going to have to pay one hundred thirty thousand for that investigation and everything that happened in Chicago where we start. Let's start first with Special Olympics because of that reaction that was her around the country. I say this show is about what you're talking about your backyard and mine, and frankly, I have some friends who have run special needs kids. They were outrage to them big fans of the administration. So they weren't happy with that. So the president said he's going to jettison that proposal to slash the night, and any basically undercut if you will the education secretary he talked refers right house before he jumped on a plane to Michigan for a big rally, and he is going to be funded. She Ecorse was like, I said massively criticized after eliminate federal funding for the Special Olympics. So the seventeen point six we were talking about the such a small part of seven billion in proposed cuts would trim, you know, department spending basically by ten percent to vast proposed additional funding few programs, including charter schools tax credit for people individuals and companies that donate scholarships for private schools. So that did not rush. Good for the. Listen, this would not have. Endeared him to many people if he had just let that fly announced surprised Brad it it didn't by the way. There is a there is a congressman.

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