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Uncertainty and and leaders have to be able to make decisions with incomplete information all the time aurea and and so they need a skill set that that could they can draw on in that kind of an environment and and so curiosity willingness to learn willingness to be to stay in touch with the inner resources causes the arteries was are still coming they're still manifests right now i think that is that is of course skill and the beautiful thing is as we see more and more ceos of business owners entrepreneurs showing up with its skill yeah and i call it the sir did the new archetype really of an awaken under for noor ride an account you among them i think people who show a significant accomplishment and mastery in business but are operating from a spiritual awareness i i don't think it's possible to have that level of business success and be happy this anti fructose you've done that has had six million dollars when i was a miserable twenty six they're old loss eros 28 arrived but it it's it's about feeling good every day uh and then the success comes with outside i'm with you on that front you're doing something really interesting at this year that i would love to join on but i probably won't just because it takes a month you're spending a month leading a group of people on a circle around the globe going to a bunch of places including mount kailash which is where remote part of western tibet where i first had yak butter t that was the inspiration for bull proof coffee as well as one of the holiest mountains in in history tell me a little bit about why you're going to these seven different uh spiritual locations around the planet and and what you're doing their it's fascinating i will i also want to tell you if you want me to take something for you as a gratitude gift to the kailash oh lands okay 'cause i i just saw that that might be a really a nice thing uh offering yes absolutely out i thank you for that what a great idea yes uh so this particular a trip.

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