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I'm Christine lacy, here's what's happening, brown's quarterback Baker Mayfield moving forward with surgery to repair the torn labrum in his non throwing shoulder, he won't play in the regular season finale against the Bengals on Sunday, could add the surgery as soon as this week Mayfield under contract with Cleveland through the 2022 season and bringing him back this fall is the right call by the browns in the opinion of ESPN's Jeff Saturday. You kind of got to stay with the guy unless you can upgrade right now. Stick with him. He's been up and down, but he has one playoff games. He has taken you there and he was injured since week two. Maybe you give him one more run at it with that money and maybe sign him to a longer term deal that's smaller in money that could benefit you in other areas of your football team. Titans outside linebacker bud Dupree has been charged with misdemeanor assault after an altercation with an employee at a Walgreens in Nashville Sunday Night, the Titan said in a statement they're aware of the situation, and are gathering information. NHL Euler's superstar Connor McDavid tested positive for COVID-19, he is being retested, his status for tomorrow night's game against the Maple Leafs won't be known until game day. It's key fruit keyshawn, J will and max, hoping you're spending as much time with your wonderful family as possible. When the calendar turns to 2022, we'll be right here talking about the NFL playoff picture. Weekday mornings at 6 eastern on ESPN radio. Canty, Angola junior, some newsperson, some writer in Australia, put up an article with the headline. Commentators disgusting on air act. Proves that the United States is beyond saving. Like I'm the reason great headline. That is just an objective headline. He sort of nailed that one here. The new post is somewhere even applauding that one. But the second one I was not expecting in addition to again an entire nation of really an entire continent of people in Australia, which, by the way, you guys eat Vegemite. Like, let's have a real conversation about throwing stones from glass houses here. Of all the things that have happened in the last two years, that moment is what they felt like was where the United States is clearly gone wrong. Canty and bullet junior. I can't even go to junior on ESPN radio and ESPN+ we're presented by Progressive Insurance. We've been having the conversation all show long off of the Monday night meltdown about Baker Mayfield and whether or not he's the long-term answer for the Cleveland Browns. We want you to chime in on the Dr Pepper call in line, the number is 8 and 8 say ESPN that's 8 8 7 two 9 three 7 7 6, but gojo right now, we got to go out to the Goodyear hotline and bring on ESPN Cleveland's very own Aaron goldhammer and Aaron. I guess I gotta ask the question, what's the sentiment of the fan base as far as Baker Mayfield is concerned and whether or not he's the long-term answer for the browns at quarterback? Well, this is complicated. You know, back before the season started, guys, browns fans wanted to give baker and Emily Mayfield their own money to stay in Cleveland. They wanted to pull up their own brinks trucks and dump the cash on their front lawn. The browns did not give him the contract extension. They wanted to see more. Weak over week over week. As baker's play has continued to descend, and now I think he's in the conversation most disappointing player worst quarterback in the league this year. He submarine the brown season. I mean, really, with average quarterback play, they'd have won this division. I think now the majority of fans, I don't mean to speak for everybody, but I think the majority of fans feel like, yeah, last night might have been the last time you ever see Baker Mayfield in the browns uniform. Aaron, how much of that falls on Kevin Stefanski for not making a change in that position if this is the way it had been trending for so long? This is complicated and a lot, I think. I don't understand what Kevin's to fans he was doing this year. If baker was really that injured, then he shouldn't have been playing and maybe then case Keenum, who's a serviceable backup and took the Vikings to the NFC championship game a couple of years ago. Could have done something with the browns and then baker would be in a much better position than where he is now. If Mayfield really isn't that hurt and this is all just a narrative to try to put him in a better light, then obviously we know what the browns think of them. But what I don't get guys, he played pretty well last year. Like we know this guy doesn't totally stink. We know he's not a giant bust. We know he's better than Sam darnold, right? So what went wrong between last year and this year, the injury is the thing you have to point to most predominantly. Aaron, one of the things that was a little bit of an eyebrow razor for me was in the wake of the OBJ situation in him ultimately being released by the team. You heard opinions from players in that locker room that felt the way about the organization moving on from OBJ inciting with Baker Mayfield. So I just, I want to know where the locker room is in terms of Baker Mayfield being their guy moving forward. I think this was complicated already because baker does so many commercials. You know, and he's so popular. And he makes so much money off the field, and he's got such an abrasive personality at times. That I always think his locker room dynamic has been complicated. But going toe to toe with Odell, I mean, baker has admitted this in interviews. He keeps referring to fixing, distractions inside and outside of the building. And my guess is, you know, if you ask the browns wide receiving core, what they think of Baker Mayfield or the offensive line, if you got them over a couple beers or the defense that is played much better in the last 5 or 6 weeks. I'm not sure it would be such a pretty picture. One other thing I want to mention here, you know, Jarvis Landry is one of the browns team leaders. He gave that contagious speech a few years ago on hard knocks and one of the guys that really helped change the culture. He used to speak to the media every single week during the season. And so Dell was let go, and remember Jarvis and Odell are good friends going all the way back to Baton Rouge and LSU. He is not spoken to the local media here in a browns capacity one time. And I think by not speaking, he's telling you a lot. Ken angle of junior here on ESPN radio talking to Aaron goldhammer from ESPN Cleveland on the Goodyear hotline, Aaron, how much of this is exacerbated by the success you guys are watching the Cincinnati Bengals have with Joe burrow this season. Yeah, it hurts. The browns had the number one pick in the draft. And they took a 5 11 kid from a spread offense. And the Bengals had the number one pick in the draft and they took a 6 four strapping quarterback who grew up in Athens, Ohio, to be their guy. So it's not just burrow. It's also like what kind of quarterback has been successful in this division before. Let's set Lamar Jackson ascites one of a kind. You're never going to find anybody who's in any way like him. But, you know, Ben Roethlisberger is from Ohio, right? He's big. He can take the pounding of the AFC north. And so yes, do I think brown's fans have jealousy of what's going on in Cincinnati? Absolutely. The Bengals this year are the browns from last year. They've caught lightning in a bottle. Their offense has gotten hot. And they're a fun team to watch. The browns are on watchable. Guys, I don't know about you that game felt like it took about 7 and a half hours. Did you stay up and watch the end of that be honest? Was your TV on ESPN at the end of that game? I was on ESPN2 because I was watching the man in cash. I was interested to see how they handled the Aaron Rodgers interview. I wasn't watching it for the entertainment value from the game. Night one of the bachelor's new season was on the rose ceremony going on at the same time. It's a big deal. Spending this thing forward in 2022, what are the Cleveland Browns going to do at the quarterback position? We know Baker Mayfield has had surgery that they bring in some competition for baker

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