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Example for active deviations from market cap waiting hours when you buy an end acts like the sp 500 or whatever wilshire you're you're you're buying a market capitalisation waited an index of stocks so apple gets the lion's share of the money in any all the other in the fang stocks are dominating if you will the end access so of the fangs expensive stocks get more expensive you win the expenses stocks go down you lose so far the expensive ones winning has been winning winning anyway big change in views for burton malki l a very big change in views and you know he he sits in uh on board positions on a lot of different companies to and he's made comments and written books and all this stuff and so it's it's somewhat shocking to me some on its followed him in his writings for many many years while not agreeing with everything the guy is a really really smart economist and he's got a ton of jobs but he's known primarily for the work that he's done at princeton so what's happening with burton malki oh you might ask wisey suddenly embracing this alpha chasing or this smart beta idea and the the the truth must be somewhere in the fact that this robo advisor isn't generating the revenue that they need to remember these robo advisors there it's all computerdriven and its technology driven and it's brilliant stuff i mean get don't get me wrong it is tremendous technology and they've gotten a lot of private woody money to fund them because when you're charging twenty basis points or whatever you gotta bring in all a heck of a lot of money to pay for all this tv advertising millions of dollars a tv advertising you know a quarter of 1.

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