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Handle on the law marginal legal and vice where I tell you you have absolutely no case Jimbo hello Jim all hi bill yes Jimbo holder you Jimbo jamba I'm sixty one and you still go by Jimbo well you know it's kind of a joke yeah right this is a life does that all right what can I do for well you know the women dated a four hundred pound girl in high school so you got a lot of room to speak but yes did you okay yeah you did you said that years ago I remember I know because I've been traumatized by it forever but in any case my house okay here's my question for you my good man a number of individuals I know have simply chosen to ignore lawfully issued subpoena and what I am trying to find out what the possible consequences are to these individuals that's a very good question it depends what's the likelihood that nothing will happen to not it depends on how valuable they are as witnesses if it turns out that subpoenas issued and they failed to show up now was this at a deposition or was it for court it was the Superior Court is yes I know I understand the issue the deposition notice to get a court order but was it too was it to appear in court and testify or at a deposition it was to it in to do into court and testify okay N. down I just didn't show up now if the entire case if the entire case rests on their testimony or an important part I the court may issue a bench warrant to hunt him down and bring him back and they usually though they tend to ignore it mmhm the the what doesn't happen because it's a very big deal to go after someone now there can be sanctions against that person are that the court could issue but you know as I said it all depends how important a person is and is restrictions quickly do bill and your money safe money sanctions how would they do that would they garnish their weight with the gap yep they could do that sanctions are issued and then whoever wants them to appear issue subpoena can go once sanctions are issued and yeah they can go after and finds daily fines that works too okay the judge can do whatever he wants but the the bottom line is I yeah unfortunately yeah you can ignore subpoenas I am not a lot happens you're rolling the dice is what happens it's for example you ignore traffic ticket and then there's a warrant issued now if you never get stopped by the cops you're fine and your really warm you are really all rolling the dice on that one Patricia hi Patricia well hello yes ma'am hi bail so my husband passed away approach just under you he was sharing it with the Los Angeles and hit by the way none Olympic and he was told to when he shed a helmet which is you know like old and it showed that crap when and he adds the way he fell down he said that the helmet and passed away and is that the the sherry it's being bred they told to take him away that what taking pictures they want doing superior and by the time they got him to E. R. here was and by the time he made by helicopter to see him it was cold anyway the shut ins never said anything that I have a limit that prime tool to get anything and usually when somebody dies they get the package they get the idea bond that helps them out I was in complete shock I still am and I believe that my time is running out tool to file anything once you how long it how long has it been since he died under two years yeah that's a problem you know that's a problem and I'll tell you why hi it's not a question of you your time is running out you have no time because if you're going against the sheriff's department and from what I understand it was the sheriff's department to to tell them to where the old I held it and by the way did they give him the old helmet yeah yeah yeah right pricing going up to the sheriff's department there is a law that says when you're going after a governmental entity U. after file within six months a claim and if you don't you can't file a lawsuit and do they have a duty to tell you they do not but they do it for everyone else now do they tell everyone else that they have the six month period to file do you know that for a fact they get the package and they get the leaves on that is on deck that delay is armed as necessarily say that you have six months to file the claim the layers on can I you were going to help you there is life insurance are we're give you counseling they're all kinds of programs they don't necessarily have the duty to say you have to file a claim within six months no but at least let you know now what were you saying do you know that they tell other people course how do you know that because my husband your store ride for the police unity tour and some people at that's what that they would therefore to help that the family is all you know for a fact that part of helping the families was to tell them you must file a claim within six months if you're suing the department I'll find out you have to because if they that's your only shot if their policy was to tell hi everybody else and didn't tell you now you have the case to undo that law nor the statute and die you could ask the court to set it aside based on their failure to inform you when they informed everybody else correct but you're going to have an interesting time because did you even get a packet no not all right but you see nothing I don't understand what the volunteer here was working very hard for them and when he passed away every the line if he was a volunteer so he wasn't a Sheraton yeah that's fine yeah yeah doesn't matter reserve active it's all the same okay yeah yeah right so here's what you have to do you have to talk to a personal injury attorney right all right that's the first thing and then the the P. I. attorney will do it all go to handle on the law dot com we have great personal injury attorneys on there and they will do the work for you to find out if the packet was in fact given to everybody else with the information okay correct just going over to handle in long talk to the attorneys and they'll give you the information on that dot that's where people go to for personal injury these guys are excellent at what they do yes owner all right Greg there you are great you're welcome to handle in the law thank you William sure so my question question is at what age can young children decide when they want to time with more one parent than the other when can they decide if they can't they can request and the court will take a it will take into account what their wishes are but the court has the jurisdiction in terms yeah what it what does it depends there's no fell I there's no follow up fast rule here depends on their age and the older they are the more take out court takes into account the more mature they are you can make a decision at let's say eleven twelve years old the court now and here's the other issue is the younger they are the more they can be influenced by the nicer parent who does it you know who I understand that then I'd also say you know if one parent is banned diagnosed with and PT Gail narcissist tech personality disorder narcissistic personality disorder is there such a thing okay there is I guess all right now does that make that person less of a parent yeah at absolutely you can okay problem is you making that medical determination or that psychological determination that that causes the child to be reared in a more negative way do you have a shrink that's willing to say that well yeah I mean yes it it it absolutely do you have a psychologist saying your daughters are going to suffer more by being with mom because of her disorder do you have a professional that will point to your daughters and say they are suffering because mom over there is suffering from this by the way it has to be very specific do you have a shrink the following to say that I understand what you're saying and unfortunately in today's society no strength will say that is that is correct no one will break the I. eight seven be hard to get there Frank well there will be a shrink they can do it now I can ascertain but not your wife Frank so what's your question well but the question was what what can I do to help the kids where and where you can you how do you get the kids more on your side there are it's infinitely complex and there are so many ways of doing it you need a divorce attorney you need a family law attorney to start diving into this you're way over your head on trying to do this yourself yeah yeah I appreciate it no problem in there are I mean the judge in the end the judge has full control and I'll tell you what else is and here's the unfortunate part I have heard of cases I've talked to people where the judge jostle liking the husband or the wife more has more determination than anything else you get the kids seventy five percent of the time because I just like you more I just don't believe the other site and bye week no proof that's being brought to the court just just don't yeah I just don't believe the judge has complete control and what we are coming back this is handled on the long handle this is K. eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado B. 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