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Speaking at an FD event in 2017, the leader of the feudal faction beyond Hecker, called the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. A monument of shame, I believe a finder. It was a year later, a FD parliamentary leader Alexander Gallant, like in Germany's Nazi era to a speck of bird droppings, and more than 1000 years of what he called successful German history. Women. I'm sure really, I ft off wonders of all off. If you look at how the FDA has been behaving for some time Now it's clear. It's acting against our democracy and our constitution. Social Democrat parliamentarian Thomas Hitler is a member of the committee that keeps checks on Germany's intelligence agencies. He says. The for fashion shoots has spent two years gathering evidence that'll inform their decision to put the FT under watch but FT politician New York that Starsky says the agency is run by Angela Merkel's government staffed with members of her CDU party. He says the CTU is worried about how fast the FDA has become a presence in Germany's parliament. The party now has 88 members in the Bundestag. If you have no opposition party, which is very successful within very short time, and we become a danger for the ruling party's, especially for the conservative CTU, and this is the reason by they are trying to stigmatize us. Really to put us in the Nancy corner and also to spread wrong rumors. But Social Democrat Hitler says the process is not political, and its findings must withstand legal scrutiny. You got Bestwick states. There are 50, often under different conditions, Wife reported decision must be so watertight legally that it will stand up in the courts. The FT have legal recourse to contest the decision. And the agency isn't about to lose face in court with the poor case. A hefty politician Hans Meyer, already under surveillance for being part of the far right, Floegel Wing, told NPR by email. He's worried that civil servants like police officers will cancel their membership out of fear of losing their jobs. Well the for fashion shoots is able to tap phones and use informants to gather information on whomever it monitors. Meyer says he hasn't noticed the surveillance whenever Germany announces its decision. The FDA is expected to file lawsuit challenging it.

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