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Someone You know health advisor comes along and says yeah you know. It's fine to keep earphone. Your cell phone in your pocket. It's not gonna radiate your balls into big you now. Bloated up cancer balls you're fine instead of Side relief that's an alarm bell to a person who is Paranoid for whatever reason maybe they're not delusional maybe just paranoid and they say oh no. They're telling us it's safe therefore it must not be safe. We'll get what that's just a stupid is saying this. Something is safe just because someone else said it was safe. There's no difference. You're just taking the opposite point of view saying oh well they said it was safe and therefore it must not be. That's to just. As deferring to experts all the time is a fallacy going against experts. All the time is a fallacy to just because they're an expert so you don't trust them. I mean who do you trust when she stop trusting the experts anyway. Do you just trust one. Because that's what i see from a lot of conspiracy. Theories is then they just don't trust people in general interest anybody and if you try to tell them anything they'll disagree with it because the country people they don't want To be advised in any way shape or form. so they're going to reject that advisement. And you see all kinds of stuff like this in internet chat rooms. Just scroll through comment sections you know. There'll be discussion. Say about i don't know demons being in the world and Someone will you know there'll be maybe like a preacher who may be. I guess you can call that qualified qualified storyteller but like and then. I don't know maybe an atheist talking then someone will pop up and they'll be having a pretty normal conversation you know like you talking about the likelihood of demons and said well. There's this instance. Well we have to look at this from a different perspective. Pretty normal conversation and then some random moron will jump in and be like amateur demon. Hala gist and i've been working with demons for thirty years now. And i know that they're in Dave's wonder bread or whatever you know what i mean and it's like you have no qualification. You don't have you just said you'd at hampshire if you're amateur amateur it means you know sit down and shut the fuck up and let the people who are experienced in the field and and what is what is an amateur radio brought it. What does that mean. what are you talking about. so so like let's say like you're hunting for noah's ark and an amateur are counter. I mean like what do you do do do you just like a fuck around all day and like reads online articles about how maybe they found. Noah's ark here. Maybe they found knows. Or maybe the species here. Is that what it mean. 'cause i oftentimes these people will refer to themselves as researchers and they'll act like that's like a profession is a well. I'm a. i'm skeptical person. I like to research things on my own. Do my own research first of all we all. We all know that when we were you know in school that the vast majority of people in the god damn school didn't do any fucking research so when i hear these people refer to themselves researchers..

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