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Favorite democrat of my lifetime my parents absolutely positively loved mark way thursday february 60 are said now we're mark whiten is living room to do the the second of the three interviews we did the sit down interviews which hopefully we can start back soon chance has just been so busy with his legacy films that we haven't been able to get tom on his schedule august some people set up to sit now with but it takes a lot of time to do the sit down interview in than it has to be edited we did george forman for first and then nolan ryan and we did george foreman in and governor mark white in the nolan ryan and guts from here folks but we just haven't with his scheduled wimbledon would get it done so anyway i um mark white was secretary of state in the '70s and then he resigned to run for attorney general as a democrat in seventy seventy one which he wasn't expected to and in seventy eight he ran for attorney general against a guy you've never heard of named james baker the third of course went on to be a chief of staff to ronald reagan served of the treasury secretary of state a legend let's just say alleged james baker institute over at rice university to this day and mark white beat him for attorney general in a year that the republican won the governor's race but the attorney general's race was won by mark white then in 1982 he runs against that governor bill clements and beats him and he ran as a reformminded democrats my parents were very supportive they were labor democrats and this was the last of the conservative democrats to be.

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