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All right. Okay now also another hot button issue. I need to ask you about. Is you talk on the premier that you and jamal broke up and you kind of blamed it on cove. It a little bit and i have two weeks. Binder had to play into this a little bit. Well i blame it on cove it. I said what it was. We can't really see each other. Okay binder in that whole situation That actually brought us closer. Meaning we we talked about. He felt so bad about it. I mean it was really a kind of a great mama for us. I hate to say that but it allowed us to talk about some things. We hadn't talked around but be clear that whole reunion. All that she was talking about was old news. Dimona had already talked about that. Okay yeah okay. yeah then. What was the new stuff that was bringing you together that you were talking means. He did all of the show he hated to see me have to go through that. Amongst the million god. Yeah okay yeah okay anything else. You need to clear up. He for you to see that and yeah. I think a lot of disrespect jamal. A lot of it he brought on himself. He brought that on you. And that's the last any man wants to put is anything on. The mother of their kids in their woman is trouble. Strife and a binder. Yes komo okay. Well even though karen called gisela first lady from hell we're about to see her grow a pair of angel wings which is not to be confused with the west wing. She just added to her home. Just want to see how many nice things you have to say about. Karen okay is a segment called first lady from heaven okay. We tried this with karen a little bit last week. Let's just say it was a grand bomb. Okay what are you admire. Most about karen raise relationship. He.

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