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Up in sports here from Nick fulls ahead of their match up with the Rams and the business that outpost its worst day since September will have the closing numbers coming up W g N traffic. Here's Mary Vandevelde. Traffic is sponsored by Amtrak. Amtrak is developing comprehensive safety measures, including mandatory mask required policy efficient air filtration and more in partnership with Lysol. Amtrak is also leveraging experts to roll out comprehensive disinfection protocols at key Touchpoints onboard and in stations book whenever you're ready. Att Amtrak dot com Eden's looks good Up on Kennedy's down to 24 to the airport 26 coming in outbound Eisenhower. That accident at Harlem has been cleared. 36 out 23 90 33. Up on Stephenson into Cicero. It's tight. Dan Ryan's okay. Cleared accident in the up on side of 57. It's Sibley now still slow on. I 80 South. They're eastbound because of an accident at Larkin That's in the right lane. Also on the west side of Jackson and killed Eric Crash and in Bensenville at York and Green, Amara Vandeveld from the idea Traffic Center reminded you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Governor Pritzker sounding the alarm today, When it comes to Koven 19 cases in Illinois, there seems to be a covert storm. On the rise, and we have to get prepared the governor announcing additional restrictions for region for which is suburban Cook County and the Metro East region near ST Louis, after a surgeon cases and hospitalizations There will now be a ban on indoor restaurant and bar service starting Wednesday, not because of its positivity rate alone but because it's positivity.

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