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With covert nineteen symptoms are similar to Kawasaki disease including fever ration cardiovascular symptoms that could require intensive care you're listening to the scene our top story this sixteen year old son of a Vancouver man who was convicted in a triple murder is now charged with attempted murder Brent last for the third was arrested Tuesday night after threatening to kill a man with a knife my first father was sentenced to three consecutive life terms for killing three people and seriously injuring a fourth person in woodland in twenty sixteen a man is in jail on a parole violation after a swat standoff near Silverton yesterday Illuminati K. exes Gail Cunningham says it shut down so Wilson road for a couple of hours it started with Marion County sheriff's deputies tried to serve a court order at a home on Silverton road near brush creek drive and several people inside refused to come out that property's been connected to criminal activity with a number of police and fire calls in the last year so the swat team was called in over several hours negotiators got three people to come out then they closed Silverton road while officers searched other buildings thirty nine year old Jonathan Diaz was arrested on a parole violation warrant while forty two year old reach of anything was cited and released on a Washington County warrant and out it is highly critical of the way Oregon state police handles its computer information secretary of state backlog as as as P. should take immediate action to address the findings of the audit well some controls are partially implemented auditors founder was P. lacks basic IT controls and there's a perception from management of the controls aren't necessary S. P. management agreed with recommendations and they plan to ask for two additional IT staff members to implement the changes the effects of the coronavirus restrictions on the economy has many Oregonians looking for help bill banning with the department of Human Services says their website is a good place to start along with two one one info dot org please apply if you need the services to one one to be a good starting point if you need to learn a little bit.

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