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So that would be close to the ultimate swag bag. I guess right. I mean, you magin I can't actually imagine that. I think he could get stoked when somebody drops off a hat. All my gosh. What cupcakes? Reasonably pleased here at KOMO news time now for lifebeat with komo's marina Rockinger in partnership with physical and hand therapy, numbness, or tingling throughout the arm pain in the neck shoulder or hand, and you just can't grip things like he used to these are some of the symptoms of harassed outlet syndrome, facade trysts, Dr Heather gal gone says it's caused by compression of the bundle of nerves between the neck and the arm typically it's getting compressed by nother structure in that area where it gets compresses most commonly behind the clavicle collarbone, although the exact cause of the Rask outlet syndrome isn't always known. Dr Calgon says posture can play a big role a lot of times when we sent. We don't have good posture. We see our shoulders roll forward. We see our neck come forward or head come forward. And so that can certainly compress and make things a bit tighter absolutely leading to an increase in symptoms and treatment for the condition. According to Dr Gunn starts with physical therapy for proper posture and used to work on strengthening if you. Don't have the strength or the appropriate endurance to sustain good posture. Then it's almost all for not. For lifebeat, I'm marina Rockinger. Komo news sunset the average person checks their phone one hundred fifty times a day. The average child is a bleeding disorder gives themselves infusion.

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