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Because white groups and white organizations that have whiteness at their core at the center. Sir of their identity have now coalesced with each other colluded with one another to fight back against any type I to change she fights for and she's not just talking about this in theory. She's talking about reforming policies on police Lisa murder on use of force on enforcing policies around the huge disparity in traffic stops of you've black drivers versus white drivers which in Saint Louis Black drivers are pulled over exponentially more than white drivers. Even though white drivers have been found to have more illegal contraband substances than Black Drivers in Saint Louis and so as she fights to figure. You're out how she's going to reform the system. The Saint Louis Police Officers Association and a whole network of in essence. What are white white hate? Groups are working together to block and stop not just any reforms that she puts forward but any reforms that black collected officials all over St Louis. That black police officers try to fight for and in one fell swoop as the top prosecutor prosecutor in that city and county. She has filed suit against those groups using the law to her advantage. John was so powerful. is we're just now seeing things like this really for the first time in modern American history because we are just just now seeing in modern American history. What it looks like to have a woman like Kim Gardner running that system? Listen I'll be back in just a second. Have a quick word. Heard from one of our brand new sponsors. Were so glad to have them here on board with the breakdown and I'll be right back. Hey breakdown down listeners. It's a brand new year. And it's a great time to figure out smart ways to manage and invest your money. Which is why we are are so proud to have Robin Hood? 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This free stock program is subject to certain limitations the AP Y on uninvested cash cash is paid by program banks and is variable in. I need to say this robinhood. Financial is not a bank but they are a great investing company and I love their APP Brittany. Bring it down before we close the day. I wanted to talk for a few minutes about something that I've been working on day and night and mine tire team at Northstar has been working on it day and night. I'M NOT GONNA be able to share that. During that I mentioned earlier. There is something something very special that I am going to move forward that I will be announcing here on the podcast. Of course this is not bad but you might not have known understood that the breakdown is a podcast from the company that we started the Northstar and we are supported by members all over the country tens of thousands of generous supporting members. We love and appreciate each of you. Well we have been working now for three and a half months almost four four months I think on a brand new website and brand new APPs for the Northstar. They're coming there just a few weeks away. I cannot wait for you to see our new website Our new APPS and I do have a very cool announcement when the website and APPs launch. I am going to be launching watching a daily column that you can read for me. I am going back to my roots For years at the New York Daily News even all the way back when that was at the daily coast before that I wrote sometimes three stories a day for the New York Daily News. But I'm going to be writing A single you're bold. Powerful informative story every single day for you to read for you to be informed by for you to share with your friends and family to keep you in the loop. You're going to be able to get that once. The new website launches can't wait to tell you more about it When the new website new APPS launch you're going to be hearing a a lot more about that here on the North Star because I hear on the breakdown rather because we have so many new things? We're launching launching when the website and APPs launch my wife Ray and I are launching our brand new podcast together called married to the movement. We got wonderful wonderful feedback from all of you who who listened to our first preview episode. We've already recorded. Six episodes at first season is going to have eight episodes. We might have a bonus episode Soeder to in there as well but That's going to be for members only members of the Northstar only and so just can't wait to tell you more about it. I love the the The team that we work with at the North Star. I'm with them every single day in the office. They are just wonderful human beings and people and we're working so hard hard to bring you some some new goodness and I can't wait to be back sharing daily column just breaking down the news. WHO's in a different way? All right. I've gotTA run. I'm actually Heading into some meetings right now but I love and appreciate all of you of course thank you so much to the Sandra entre. Who is now our podcast director and low Sandra It just makes so many things work in the North Star and even in my daily. He lives she's been my executive assistant for the past year as well but she is now serving as podcast director. So that our senior producer Willis can just hunker hunker down and focus on producing the podcast. All of the music. All of the audio that you ever hear on the podcast is made. And Edit it and produce overseen by Willis so thank both of you think our entire team worked so hard to make this podcast possible take everybody break it down the bringing bringing.

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