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In pursuit in Wilmington Hey why W's marquee rooms has more the bears stunned residents in the area of fourteenth in the pond in a track and lots of police attention and a pursued by game officers a game warden Jerry check says they managed to get up a shot from a tranquilizer gun during that chase with a bear was running through the defense's jumping over decks and stuff dark came out so it didn't look like a much got into the Mary didn't get too lethargic so then it it ran into a rainy wind river down here and at the state park ran I think it's alpacas they park so now than what area is much better than downtown Wilmington check left the trap behind with his Delaware counterparts they sent it out in a wooded area hoping the sweet treats inside day old donuts and shot that will attract the bear and lead to his capture in Wilmington mark Abrams KYW newsradio trying to call attention to climate change thousands of Philadelphia's students are ready to walk out of classes later today and assemble at city hall nearby W's Mike denardo with that it's another climate strike and some students will be walking out of school and heading to city hall for a rally between eleven AM and two PM to bring attention to climate change there was a similar event in September which drew several thousand young people during that rally Philadelphia's students who walked out were slapped with unexcused absences by the school district this time though the district is allowing students to attend the climate strike provided they have a note from their parent or guardian in a letter sent home to parents superintendent William height says the district will also be organizing events to allow students to share ideas inside schools without having to walk out Mike denardo okay what Emily newsradio new rules could cut more than three million people from the food stamps program earlier this week the trump administration unveils three possible changes happening who qualifies for aid and changing allowances for utility expenses how three million Americans put food on the table could be at risk if the trump administration changes how people get help from the government the supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap that's the formal name for food stamps if families qualify they can help with groceries and mills at school for their kids the three proposed rule changes could mean six hundred eighty eight thousand people losing assistance if a work mandate is enforced more than three million losing eight of the qualifying requirements change in nearly half a million students wouldn't qualify for reduced lunch at school and Washington I'm not here Mero time.

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