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The Friend Zone


Are as to look chills and i was little into that but that you see that was just the first verse make you just stare somebody right in they face you just stare at enough cheryl's first hour boom ooh you know a song this hour to this day it'll help me get over like the random shit but jason meraz you and i j the song you were talking about was public announcement by the way recites the jason mraz the remedy he had a bunch of songs that i liked jason mraz was dope he was actually have like a shit ton of his music that i really really got go home and totally i haven't listened to year i loved he used to put out the live albums and it was him perform in places like ice to have a lot of music of these people performing that like though live sets it was like the random shit like talking to people in the clubs pled got their idea love issues and then my last one michelle and dig yotaro fool of me oh my god like that record no patience hello anything she puts out a feel so dumb what kind of fool in my say me a sigh okay her songs live win with two you me no time no friendship no yeah the fact that you know all the words that just made me so happy cello got us song called bitter have you heard from the same in the live in a bitter which should be like is so crazy when you go how you can start to hate somebody wants to love me started that adam isn't it album called bitter.

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