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So I have a couple of shout outs here. One is Tio Christmas Cross and the other to Linda on tin. Excuse me, Hubble. I'm getting that last name. Right? Linda Langton. And they both wanted everyone to know that they donated their money in the memory of Herman Cain. And that's what we're dealing with today. Ah, on one hand, we have all this energy because of WSB. We We look forward to these two days. The cara thon because we know that along with our audience. We can. We can do some good in this world and we really enjoy it. And so you have that certain up energy. And then obviously, yesterday we found out in the middle of this show that we lost to our friend and colleague Herman Cain. And Hermann himself, was a cancer survivor and gave an awful lot to the Cara Thon. So I think it's wonderful that people are giving in his name and I encourage more of that. And I encourage you to take a moment and think about the great Herrmann came after you give your money and what he represented. So thanks to Chris Mock Russ and Linda Langton, who gave money here thinking of Herman. Thiss ah, $100 to get the E V h live. Shoutout is going pretty well. I feel like we're a little backed up. Let me say just to get ahead of things because we're on until noon. I'm gonna come back for an hour between three and four. And then I'll be back in the last hour, 5 to 6. But this Ah, this shows only until noon. So if somebody comes in late And you have a voice or you have a thank you and we're just getting to the point At the end where we're passing the baton on to the next show. I promise you, nothing will be left on the table for long. If there's anything left on the table, we will do them on Monday's show, and we'll make sure that they get prominence. So I want to encourage everyone who wants Ah To be thanked in a voice by autumn, or Tim or in my own voice myself to continue on for $100. That's your what we call the E V. H lives Shout out. So let's try to hurt. Did you get the wonder in W's voice? Ah, dead? That's right. I did, Eric. Thank you so much. I just wanted to give a shout out to Ah Ah, Josh Emmett. He's very edgy. Emmett. You remember in honors Jug band Christmas? Yes. This barely very much. So, Yeah, they weren't birds. They're weary Jug band and they lived in a tree. And it was a good Christmas special from Jim Henson back in the early eighties. But thank you, Josh. I'm gonna go watch Emma, not judge. Me and Christmas. I still have it on beta. You want to watch it a couple times a year? It's not even Christmas. You know, we all need a little bit of Christmas. Right Christmas in July this 2020 Ah, now we have also, I think that the people of metro water filter I just given money over and over again, and they just want to hear new voices and ah, that's fine with me. So go ahead. Before we get to them. I just wantto there's one above that. Erica Scott F of Dawsonville. Hey, wanted to hear John s off doing an impersonation of Ah, Barack Obama. So, So there you go. Thank you. Scott effort from Dawsonville on keeping in the same vein. Metro Water Filter and Tucker, Georgia. They wanted to hear President's voice so I don't wantto look, I don't want to resort any delay tactics. So so so without further ado Shut up. Tio Tio Tio, Metro Water Filter and Tucker. Can you do that and and and things just for a moment in in in in in in in and and so, so, so, so very good. And when I see shout out without a voice, someone assume that that's me a mighty shout out. To Ah, Rebecca Burnett Anderson from James Dalton. So I guess we got $100 this is turned into the whole shoutout deal. If you want me to make your marriage proposal, I don't know how good that marriage is going to be. But, you know, I'll do what I can. Dollars, please. 500 for a marriage to propose. Yeah, people are well depends. What if she says no. I say it's $500. Hey, it's on you if I if I do your marriage proposal, and she happens to say no, I think it's got very little to do with me. She knows you. So it's worth $500 way have anymore here anymore older yet him we've got. Ah, do you do dub Doug Collins? Do you do it? On impersonation of? I'll just give you tried. If you sounds like this might be sounds like they're stood Jones. I think so. Maybe that's how we sound so I won't give a shout out to Russell King and make sure that everybody you can Donate no day long, even if you don't get a shadow, But thank you, Russell King. Absolutely. Now we could get a little bit of a dicey situation. But you know, as I said, $100 will humiliate ourselves or.

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