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It's a basic thing. Nate him right. If you've got much better players around you and the opposition worrying about them. It's a heck of a lot easier than when you're the best player on the team right. Yeah war with without a doubt without a doubt light when you look at city in that game. I think that jon relish was probably one of city's worst players. I don't think he had a bad game. But i don't think he stood out in the game. It's all yes still. You needed to be respected. Because he jag released coming off the summer the years that he's had so for them for city you know you can afford. You don't have to rely on any particular player when you've got so many players who can step up in any particular moment whereas like i said earlier with chelsea i'm literally looking unless it's a set-piece who you think is going to score. The goals for chelsea open plan is a long show johnson. The you've got a lonzo you have Verna and you have lukaku like that's it so it seems weird but then also with ducal you look at it. And how many games you think you'll look at the season and think that he needs to start with three defensive midfielders. You know what i mean. It's not it's not going to be many. I think that was that was more of a one aspen. Something which will see tweet basis. Because he knows he's not progressive but the opposition is playing against in that moment. I think he just thought that they were going to try and dominate midfield and they went that three and it didn't even come close to work out but i don't expect to see that very often this year from chelsea is you don't need it all right. I want to close out unlike alonso because this is also the weekend that obviously we'll get this later danya malini made his debut. I love the idea of three generations of consoles. Danielle medina. isn't there yet. So as of right now you put the alonso's ahead of the dini's for those who don't recall. Marcos alonso is grandpa won a bunch of european cops with raw madrid. Marcos alonso dad was Win the euros or by spain but anyway he. He lost a european final with barcelona madrid. And so on And for slow now. Obviously and now you have marcus lonzo. Weaning the champion sake. I'm going to throw this out there and it's going to be bad radio because you're not gonna come up with any. There's no other three generation. Good johnson the lagoon sense my well what. Usb doesn't a- either has a kid or who made his debut for the national team in the last international break. Okay this nicely. The kennedy good. Where does he play as good. What did you think he's good. Okay so you've heard very or something. That's more of a john medina's ninety s more now but no one is never going to be my dinnie in terms solve for because the other two so much but yeah okay. It's hard in terms of alonzo is in his twenties now at this stage. She didn't didn't isn't there summerbee. Grandpa who was a useful footballer. Should you know this. Yeah those those. Mike and Nicky summerbee yeah. Yeah i think is india. Grandpa who also played not show unimaginable. All right. tell me i city. Tommy dart's yeah. Yeah yeah that's right. Yeah that's the grandson of what colin i think he's calling my becoming kevin doyle republic of ireland. We'll find you would find either. We've got the grandpa and the people in doyle. I think you need to understand. I'd say this is because okay all right all right but you're wrong. But i think if you're gonna find a love grandpa and grandson but escaped. The father father was rubbish on football. All you're gonna dot and the sun but the grandpa was aboard but to get the three years really ragu johnson maldini alonzo's for right now in terms of the package of the three. The alonso's are still in first place yet. Good yanssons and medina's mike catch up because you're you're only strong as your weakest legs. They're still young. Might get their nadim. Thanks so much Is an absolute pleasure. Also want one less person with the father and the son is cloudy on gio raina. So maybe they'll be something that in the future. There's a lot at the father and son things. I'm talking about the three generation thing you know. We'll wait we'll wait was cloud rain as data footballer. I know i know. I sent some wikipedia coming but certainly gio arenas mom was was a tremendous footballer. As much as i gotta thank you so much. Here's tools a little footnote. Nate has left us. But we are guilty and you know when you make mistakes admitted we did forget the three generations did forget. Thomas buck assad. Yeah hey signed charro. Yeah and grandson jerry talk. That is a legitimate three generation thing. You're not sure in football achievement. They surpass the alonso's. I don't think so. Fans are fans sebastian. Salazar please yes throwing it out saying just a discussion jones got a bunch of kids who might yet come good. Obviously i'm not to mention johnson's dad. Arner good johnson. Yes grandpa here. Who by the way also did the cool thing were in his last game for the national team. Idir came on for him and either was dead. Wins then made these executive month. Okay so the kids so far not in the same conversation daddy or grandpa but who knows it is it is pretty cool. Does speak to genetics and opportunity. And whatever else but but.

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