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What do you think you have an immune system for its for killing germs but it needs practice it needs germs to practice on if you kill all the germs around you live a completely sterile life then when germs do come along you're not going to be prepared never mind ordinary germs what are you going to do in some super virus comes along and turns your vital organs into liquid what you gonna do you gonna get sick you're going to die and you gonna deserve it because your weekend you got a weak immune system George Carlin yeah watch the old Big Eight stick my head because I'm like he absolutely nailed it talks about how when he was a kid but he used to sleep or swim and that's but build up his email system I used to play in dirt we don't do that anymore so for all the people who are looking at me and frowning when I'm not wearing my mask or I just happen to forget to stand six feet away for you you know what this two shall pass bless your little heart that's where I am right now with this the winds them up from the comedians we talked about some of the I wanna call it voter suppression but tapping down the first amendment rights that are happening on a S. U. campus well there is an update and we'll get to that at eight oh three be sure to stay tuned for your chance to win a thousand dollars you're listening to one of four one you're listening to the news talk five fifty K. FYI right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but.

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