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All of this can be seen in Volusia Mary unfoldment and I just think because I'm not a professor and don't have graduate students that you know, I, I've had to find, you know, support for this elsewhere in the book is still selling and out of it came this integral transformative practice, but I feel one, it's still out ahead of the curve. It's rich and, okay. Let's switch gears and let's talk about competing. And can you talk to us about your insights around that word? Competing? Because part of our conversation has been about spiritual center in about often Tissot and being, and now let's talk about becoming. So can you talk about competing becoming and then competing think Charles Darwin, that the evolution species on this planet for three billion years plus has involved relentless competition in the sense that those organisms which are best adapted to a certain niche win out. The biggest families went now that's at the animal level, but in the cultural where we are, it's not the biggest families win. Another is the most offspring you have, but your ideas and your influence. So, but the competition is going on all the time. With ideas. Let's let's take our cool insight because the age of information, if you will, well, your leverage, but, but even but way back. Okay, let's the birther Christianity. Christianity was born out of a Jewish cult who followed Jesus of Nazareth, but mainly propagated are largely by Saint Paul Jewish also, but never met Jesus. All right, this little group formed in the early Roman empire. It had its followers, but there's also other calls including the cult of Mithras another teacher out of the midwest. None of us the Middle East and none of us think about mattress now. But these to compete Noida at myth or another a teacher who had another worldview, not unlike. Like Jesus during the same time as yes, it parallel. So now the emperor Constantine, we're not talking the air three, thirty three when he the Roman empire which had been persecuting the Christians, persecuting them. Tossing them to the lions, but now he converted to become a Christian, but he fought the forces of the Persians who were following the cult of bitterness and he, he won anyway, he and Christianity. This persecuted cult became the dominant religion, and that gave birth to what has become the new Rome. That's for the Vatican instead of Julius Caesar, you have the pope. Okay, then you have the eastern shirt, so, okay, there's a Darwinian struggle of ideas. Now we come forward another. Thirteen hundred years, twelve, thirteen hundred years. The Italian Renaissance now the birth of science and it had to compete against the church. Okay. So that kind of now today where you and I are talking about things, we have to compete against reductive, materialism, physical ISM, which dominates our scientists and our academics, and it's the opinion of eat. So the operate in America in New York or wherever this dominant paradigm that says, a lot of the stuff you are. I are into never hap- said my case. You know telepathy there is no telepathy the these paranormal powers, they don't exist. It's in our mind. We imagine this stuff, but I mean, while you have all this meditation research going on and. Sneaking in into this physical ISM. This materialistic environment comes like a Trojan horse. This new insight into mind, over matter, let's say and how meditation can change your brain. So again, competition, so okay..

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