Platte River, Siberia, Mangal Singh discussed on 60 Minutes


In the nineteen sixties mangles and earned the title world champion goose caller no small feat considering this is bird country home to four hundred species as well as one of the great migrations under every spring half a million sand hill cranes stop on this stretch of the Platte River there fattening up on green before migrating north as for Siberia he is an awesome in ancient ritual Basel show creams have come here for nearly ten million years it's a spectacle of site then soon Mangal Singh has shared for eighteen years with his friend and ally Jane Goodall whose life work with chimpanzees has revolutionized our understanding of primates today good all in mingles in team up to raise money and awareness for the protection of cranes as well as chimpanzees and Cougars he's taught me so much about the petrified because on here what it was like when he was a boy and how he started off as a hunter because that's what one day and another gradually he realized he loved these these great test much too much he couldn't go on being on time and so he hunts for this camera the light on the roof of the it looks amazing this ancient migrations still carries so I think it's completely.

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