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Name them Tell me at a specific instance of the fraud all well. I heard it's a lighter shade. Well these people say. I've seen hundreds of cases on social media site nine stream media won't tell you you have to look elsewhere. These sorts of comments that are coming through the like it seriously. Lightning and the the number of people on that sky. News facebook page. Who are totally into this. Nonsense are ustralian should data. I just but i'm scared by it when you say you think it could happen here in my mind i think. Pauline hanson is about the closest that we would have to some one like bolt. Look how well she did. In the st elation. Well exactly terribly she would. I think they won one seat in queensland if it was five percent of the vote my point is we look at the us election and these allegations of fraud guy completely knots and i look at it and hang anybody except this nutty situation. I k- american subjected to a lot of propaganda. I guess i guess if you just tuned into fox news all day you could be brainwashed into thinking it but i just look at these australian commentators and i think you've got no excuse for this like i. Just it frightens me that australians could fool for this so if a similar sort of demagogue timeout and say destroyers elections off then you could get a similar. It'd be surprising. Number of people could agree with mr p. thing is. I don't wanna say now because he's very litigious on okay. Well the yellow man. He's he's cashed up like donald trump has similar very ultra conservative ideas. Doesn't it well if doesn't like taxes doesn't like constraints on business if if a crazy guy got in charge of the liberals and lost an election and climbed election for would lump. Siamese surprise about how many people suddenly great with the idea. Because don't forget you know. Even if it's one percent of people crazy knossos in australia. There's still two hundred thousand people that's a lot of likes on facebook is also. This is exaggerating. What you say so you can have a very noisy minority. That's a tiny fraction. Yeah just because of the size of the population seems like a lot of people right. So i wouldn't be overly concerned that these not legs again take control Because i think they're all relatively small numbers of them I agree on. And i just think skull on us at this point has relatively small rage. But i've got to really rabid following from what i've seen and give them. I've another knees damage do so. Don't let him bury all right so News about a vaccine side. Drug company has announced that early. Trials of a vaccine candidates suggested maybe ninety percent effective at preventing covid nineteen based on ninety four confirmed cases in a study that has enrolled forty three thousand participants across the us at five other countries..

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