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It has been an interesting one. So far today, the Packers have held a comfortable lead throughout the 2nd and 3rd quarters were more than midway through the third right now, let's check in with Andrew Smith at Lucas Oil Stadium. Six minutes and 16 seconds to go in the third quarter. The Green Bay Packers lead the Indianapolis Colts 28 to 17. The Colts took the second half kickoff down by two touchdowns and While they had not run the ball well in the first half. They decided they were going to establish the run. Jonathan Taylor got the first six carries of the half of the Colts ran the ball on the first eight plays of the half and Taylor Was able to move the Colts into scoring territory with 41 yards on those six carries. But the drive stalled on the 10 yard line is Kenny Clarke Sacks Philip Rivers that forced the Colts into third and goal from the 19 and incomplete pass for T Y Hilton. Get up Rodrigo Blankenship's 37 yard field goal. There's a 14 place 56 yards, seven minute drive for the Colts, but on Lee netted three points, but they were able to get the running game going something that they did not do in the first half. They had 54 yards rushing on that drive. After getting just 24 yards from their running backs, and they are getting the football back as after Green Bay scored touchdowns on its final three possessions of the first half. Packers Go three and out. On the ensuing possession, the Colts will be taking over close to midfield at their own 43 yard line, trailing 28 to 17. Philip Rivers in this game, 14 of 2400 and 63 yards and apparent touchdown Jonathan Taylor with 60 yards rushing, including 41 on the field goal. Dr. Started a half for the Colts. Aaron Rodgers 14 of 18 for 163 yards, but he was over one on the first possession of the second half that has allowed the Colts to get the football back. However. We have 5 56 to go in the third quarter. The Packers still hold a 28 to 17 lead at Lucas Oil Stadium. All right, thank you very much. Andrew. Let's go to Chuck Hayes in l A where the Jets of scored yours, Chuck. Yes, Rich. We have 22 seconds remaining in the third period. It is now the Chargers 31 the Jets 19. It was Frank Gore on a one yard touchdown run that was set up by two passing affairs calls. They got the Jets moving 10 plays 75 yards taking 5 11 off the clock. But Sam thicken Mrs Sex second extra point of the day, going wide, right? 5 39 mark the third period. It was Justin Herbert rolling left and finding Keenan Allen in the end zone and 13 Yard touchdown pass Michael badly with the extra point That was 12 plays 75 yards 5 54 off the clock earlier in the period, it was Flaco to Breshad Perriman streaking past the Charge your cornerback for 49 yards, sticking with the extra point. That first drive of the second half took seven plays 74 yards 3 33 off the clock. So it appears that the Jets game plan for the second half is just have their receivers. One streak routes and have flaco throw it up for a 50 50 balls. And if you make the play, you make the playoffs. Not the center may be called for pass interference, and the officials are Calling them close today in the second half as we approach the end of the third period, it is the Chargers 31. The Jets 19. Alright, Thank you very much. Chuck Hayes in L. A So a 12 point game. There. It was a nine point lead for the Cowboys that has dwindled to two. Here's Erik Nelson with more Yeah, right now Rich with 6 44 to go in the third quarter..

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