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I was swath enough to watch you guys action. Brand came to set on less less Saturday Saturday. I have no idea it just shot drinking and tweeting right yeah episode three drunk while I was we were tip save so let's keep the party going. I knew you would be there. I'm like it's GonNa be a party as we were driving over. Mike who's our cinematographer was like brand is coming and I was like okay and then I was like what's going to happen like like we have to work so I was like. Are you just going to hang out or whatever but it turns out it was a godsend yes that you were present. First of all describe the scene because the scene is beautiful so the scene is releasing a up these two kids ever since I was little I've always wanted to do like a live action peanuts and away so I wrote the scene to be like what's the word amulet of I don't know much better off the peanuts and so he knows me and so oh it's such a sweet little innocent seen about one of these kids making a big choice. I won't spoil too much because I want. You're listening to watch the show and they were great. It was very that's a very taxing seen for a child to do. That's all I will. I will say just emotionally as well as your mom. You guys made him. Throw up. Well okay. I it was an accident. Oh Man I have it recorded. I think that in real life if I was going to do that saying I was his age I probably would throw up because that is something that it causes so much anxiety in yeah sure I would leave it in. We rehearsed it A lot a couple of days before and they really nailed it and so when we showed up to shoot on they were great. I mean performance wise but he unfortunately he has a tree nut allergy which we didn't know in eight eight something that cashes in it and immediately got very nauseous and so we were worried actually reschedule like what should we do and you sort of magic pill is able to get rid of this allergy nausea. I don't I know what it's called Ryan walking around meeting. Everybody excited yes she had probably had two bottles of water into the MOMS and yeah and she gets to Bradley the ashes. You get these two guys and they want to know if I wanted to Mayo and I said now. What does that mean see? You guys are now. I know now it's cocaine oh but I had some coke and vodka with them and I smoked a little bit. Just we'd just did take some of the weed I didn't. I didn't WANNA say no. I thought it was rude. We were taking her one point you and the two of them walking away and as a friend who's walking away with Sherman towards man and some other guy and she didn't have a phone. Maybe don't disappear with these things strange drunk strangers in park in the true true crime podcast. You could have been dead a OH. We're really nice they weren't they were just talking to the bathroom. They were really sweet. not just saying from our perspective. We had no idea what was going on. We decided so you walking away with them outside yeah. That's probably not a good idea. Thank you for looking to save probably could've killed you both but I'm having to your will. He's so no no I'm. I'm not built for function. I'm just bit built for looks. I'm a lover not a fighter so you guys got. You guys got a little country Moammar Rolling in sync. Some you guys on your periods too yeah. You're getting them so yes what what happened. Kim was mom had an Epi pen mater and so my son has end side so I have to have APP pens all the time we've used them way often and when you use that behind you to the hospital because it you know it's up enough ron and everything it's you just can't not the hospital but the doctor forgave me Protozoan which is a steroid oral steroid that you can take if you feel it coming on okay just if you take it on the onsite can can stop you from having to use EPI pen right and for Mason at works on this every time because it's not the best thing to do and he's not getting the allergies as much anymore so so yeah we went home and got the meds and save the day we and Bradley one half of one because Mason's gigantic context he's little he's too badly ten ten yeah and he was fine yeah. That's I mean there was only one I must take after a couple of times felt so bad if we were like. Should we reschedule and he was like I'm fine good. I'm good like he's that's the toughest kid in the world. The fact that he's like zero nerves serves pukes is like just wipes it off his all right. We got fifteen minutes. Let's do appear. He's going to feel like I feel like that. My speed like something that maybe he does Asia. I'm again by accident because you nuts. It's hard to keep track of that stuff. Sometimes if it's been on a counter or ground up if your allergies like cute enough like anything could yeah I mean I was very impressed by his dedication so we were shooting this at magic hour. So we really you know worth of time that yeah it was crazy so it was it was very helpful that he wanted to keep going but we all said to him repeatedly like if you WanNa stop you can stop. It was not child abuse at all so everyone knows was one hundred percent committed yeah. That's going to be like a big success yeah his little brother. I Wonder Still Oh oh I have voted. I've got to show you this picture of a prescription bottle between my tips so I can't say touching now. We've the pockets exactly we're feeding the ducks but I really so my kids and I used to go to Blah Blah Blah. You have to send it to me pretty. It's very nice pretty until you zoom even on CBS between the tip I didn't know what to do. I didn't their mates Mu brought zone and and where do you put it so it's not nature's pocket well not by nature but no me but no so the kids and I am sorry moving on the kitchen I used to go to Babur apart and this one and we would treat the docks and the geat mostly the geese and which they're assholes. They're they're big two. Oh Yeah and they are not afraid of you. Loud what is fuck young but we are feeding the the cute dachshund just brought me back to like we were just talking. He was fully engaged all his Danja and unlike my children I ever the earp your earbud in and take out but we were just chatting and it was so cute and I just I know it kind of reminded me when the boys are younger and he was just sweet and like -cribe just because I'm in pain mostly you spent the whole shoots all three of those with well. I can't remember his name Bowie Bowie. I can't remember any right barely know your name. I could write them down before. CEO and Spencer was great. He's a little older than Bradley and the both of them. I mean they're both super prepared. New knew their lines off book like anyway. They're both they're both super. Professional knew their lines and it's just like it's funny because when people say like Oh we're gonNA try can be hard like couldn't have been easier well that I know for sure that day I mean I might Jake's two best friends or his bus Daniel and his sister they are both actors and they're I mean they're great kids near great onsite and they're always prepared and they can spell better than me but most people can. We had spelling test once I lost they're really not like they're when they want to to be there and they want to be doing it. Definitely good at it and engaged and you could tell these kids were definitely like a hundred percent into it and you guys do you guys were quiet as mice piece. I didn't have a direction for them either. We're just being quiet so we could shoot thing. We had to be quiet this one. I mean sometimes you have to talk shows like what you what if you don't like to take like start over yeah. What's interesting because like we're we're? We're a team of four using this whole series you know and so it's and we all take different roles each episode that we do you know like I directed one and will will act and that actually the direction will always take my direction really okay. That's something I need to see Eh. I felt like will the little bossy for you. Oh you think so well. I'm bossy with you. So I just feel like wells probably bossy with you. I am been working working together for like on on things and some capacities like since we've met so two thousand seven seven seven or eight other when we met actually was our editing class in film school yeah and Ryan and I both had impressions of each other before we truly met that will like we thought we wouldn't like each other say that he thought that I was like Jesus Freak and Super Branchy and I thought that he was like a punk rock asshole because he had like blue hair and tattoos and bricked up shirts right. Oh Yeah Oh yeah there's a whole side though these are still very much personality wise sweetness. Wise Ryan is exactly doc. Id like soon as I met him. I was like this is like he's the nicest person in the world really it's a nice fit the visual of like what I imagined like he's probably like but the system allows the Tattoo says is like I'm an atheist stereotypes or not I know I know and we ended up against all odds becoming besties yeah we are partners and then yeah you're still partners still partner Mike and Alex Alex is the CO writer we my writing partner and so we're all kind of producing it photographer to Alex did take the picture of you with your yeah. They gave me the right to get the pill correct yeah so Alexander do a lot of writing together and and so he the three of us have sort of been involved in creating this since the beginning like a year ago. Mike is always like our cinematographer Tori Feeding Pat is falling and move it and just I don't have the cover on it so it's just extra is this is this. Is this a good like you're supposed to heat it up up to. I have no idea anything that helps ice was the thing I think that you're right. I just need to be comfortable sure I get it like I'm in the car with the air on full and like the seat heater on full are can't be in the car. Oh my goodness did go down. This is the most it's actually good that we're doing this because I didn't think I could do this number one but I'm not thinking about it as much I think when you don't focus on it it's not as devastating until we make thank you laugh and then I just took four at Odeon Bill. I suppose technically I thought that was the one one of the ones you couldn't and but I have no idea up to eight hundred advil does that thin the blood to is yes. I looked it up and I can. I'm not I'm not going to get don't do it. I'm not going over the so yeah. The kids were amazing. The she looked looked couldn't look any prettier. I can't wait. We'll share of we'll share a picture from China yeah. You're you don't have a significant other right wrong. Oh you do Ryan is she like where the fuck is Ryan Tillotson. I can't say your last name those perfect I loved it. I like to call sends Tilson. Somebody mispronounced it that way and I get so much joy out of it can say James when James was launching podcasts China say Hey Ryan says like Ryan Ryan Tillerson so he also said pit kissed pig pig has so I cut together like a remix of Ryan Tilson at the detail Eh that at my house I know I didn't like we we are putting on. My favorite was the second time he did. He's a grind to consider like the stupid last. What about Johnny Tillotson? Stay read the singer the old singer who I think only really Ryan tell us and no I do. I do know only because he has my last name has found a vinyl at a.

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