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Auburn, Trevor, Tony discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


My Paul finebaum show podcast Trevor manage to sort of get his take on everything that's going on his thirteenth week of. The college football season. Trevor thanks for joining us, my friend, great to be with you. Tony. Thank you. Thanks. Let's start here where we are in Tuscaloosa. I'm asking everybody this question. So I'll I'll put it to you. Is there a path? Is there any path you can see for Auburn to try to find a way to win this game? You see any scenario where they can come out of here with the wind tomorrow. Yes. If an actual spaceship comes down for them, and then ducks the entire Alabama team before kick-off because really if they abducted at the end of the first quarter, I still think Alabama wolves quarter points to have won that game. But no, I think poor Auburn these Alabama they want they have every reason like they always do to annihilate Auburn, but add to it. Now, the fact that Auburn beat them last year kind of beat them up last year as well. I think if they can score one hundred points, I think they will if they can beat Auburn so badly that they force Auburn to drop football as an intercollegiate sport. I think they will. I don't think Auburn has what it takes to be able to put much of a speed bump in front of their D line is very very good. But I think that the bypass they're run around all game on Trevor let me ask you about to talk of low. I mean, you've been watching this game a long time lot of quarter. You've seen a lot of quarterbacks. What is unique about this guy? Decisiveness tony. We've seen a lot of guys that can throw the ball accurately, and he throws it accurately. Matter of fact, he throws sexually accurately. But what impresses me is that as a first year starting quarterback? He doesn't stand in the pocket and look around and try to find somebody who's opened and then and then if he doesn't recognize what he sees he waits for a while to see if it becomes more. None of he'll drop back and pick something, and it whatever it is. And that's one of the reasons that defense is can't stop it. Because he doesn't give them the chance to rally around him to get around him as a pass rush to see what the route combination isn't have safeties jumped routes. He gets the ball out quickly. And if he wants to run he.

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