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And when she wakes up, she's got this leg, very short cropped hair, and she's crazy. She's like, they killed my kids, you the judges, I'm, I'm gonna get you because you're letting them all go. And she's like legit crazy like she has crazy hair, but then she when she reappears in the in the the modern times, you know, she's. She's got this kind of shoulder length, bad ass hair, and that's the preferred hair Langley prominent launders got, and she's got the kind of it's just it's, this is this is this is the preferred, Jennifer garner look question? Yes. Could this movie have been alternately titled the soccer mom with the dragon tattoo. Oh, that's good. No, it's not quite like, well, I mean, the girl dragon tattoo. Movies are all like it weirdly Goff and about like, this is this is more this is John wick or taken or punisher. I mean the such different? Yes. What is peppermint? Is that her name question? This seems like a very, it's a bad name. Bad type ad should be called guess, but go ahead. I'm going to become like, mom, mom murder the mom murders or something. I don't know. But anyway, it's going to get you momma momma's back, suck moms back, mama's going at you sucker Victorino. That's why. Peppermint is the flavor of ice cream that the little girl is eating when she is gunned down. Oh, I, the MS thirteen style gang again, is it stuck? We're not actually MS thirteen minutes they should savage. So what you're saying they should. They should debut the movie at the White House where they should have a special screening. There was there was some talk about how this was going to be like a horribly racist movie where you know the the white mom guns down all Hispanic, but that's not actually like the first half of the murders are all against a white people, judges and cops, and other ways, like a kind of eight is blaming her murders. No, no, she she has like, she's not just going around randomly killing me. Okay. But yeah, so anyway, it's I, I enjoyed it. I thought it was fine. I'm I'm a total sucker for Jennifer garner. So am I, you know what? I love her and I especially love her in those Capital One commercials, but she could sell you can do any do any commercials, she can this electric toothbrush. And I'd.

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