Bruton, Three Thousand Dollars, One Hundred Dollar discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


I am claimed six and it's still got a one hundred dollar refund bruton that's how screwed up their charts are okay and so um and and she was making you know middleclass income at one some huge income they won somewhere so there's only two ways to do this the actual perfectly accurate way is to just calculate ahead of time what your taxes are going to be in 2018 and have that much withheld from your check and you could divided by the number cheques you get and have that much per check or whatever but amini figure out a you know go to your tax person figure out exactly what your taxes are going to be given this year and have that much with help from her check you can just do that if you want that's that way is perfect okay or as close to perfect as you can get the only other way you can do is go okay i got a refund last year of three thousand dollars and nothing much has changed this year except the tax law and so i'm probably going to get even more back i'm not sure i'm not going to get a less back onto the new tax law but if nothing has changed than you just go in and have your w four changed by three thousand dollars a year which to her fifty dollars a month a guy in your case you gotta go back and forth with the whether or not you're claiming the depending of the child so in the years that you don't claim the child as a dependent have you had any of those.

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