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Date range of the stock market could rebound from the biggest selloff in thirty three years a ten percent drop for the Dow futures for the Dow up around eleven hundred the US has retaliated in Iraq for the rocket attack this week to kill two Americans and a British soldier targeting an Iranian backed militia U. S. Air Force jets bombed five weapons storage sites used by the team has below the Pentagon said the building's house Katusha rockets used to launch the attacks on fox's Lucas Tomlinson America's listening to fox news LBJ news time is seven oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought you by ABC home and commercial services coronavirus is now been confirmed in the Austin area Dr mark Ascot with Austin public health says there are two cases one male in his sixties who is hospitalized in our area the other a female in her thirties being quarantined at home Escott says these cases are related these do not represent community spread of the disease they're epidemiologic links to another case or to another jurisdiction it's believe one case came from the Houston area and the other from a more rural county while officials say it's likely just a matter of time before we do see a person a person spread as god says the county is prepared and it's important people don't allow panic to compound the problem Patrick Osborne newsradio killed in public school districts as all classes are called off for today's spring break is next week with the A. I. S. D. schools the Austin rodeo will not proceed this year this is the first time in eighty two years at rodeo Austin will not be held more than two hundred thousand people usually attend that big event the dell match play event in Austin has officially been canceled by the PGA it's among the many golf tournaments at the PGA said that it was going to cancel the Austin police department will pull officers from special units beginning next month they'll do that to fill staff holds on the patrol level speaking to gave you Austin police association president Kim Cassidy says they're robbing Peter to pay Paul it has to be done because we have shows with only two people on and when normally when they should have ten he says the organized crime highway.

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