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Kevin has secured a role in the new punisher movie. And as such, he's going to need to cut his hair. So in typical old school wrestling fashion, why not set it up for Chris Jericho versus Kevin Nash in a hair versus hair match? It's not a great match, but still we got to do something with the hair, which is old school wrestling. A week later, we've got SummerSlam and there's a world title Elimination Chamber match. Kevin Nash is the first eliminated, and that's his last match in the WWE for quite a while. Were you talking to Kevin much in this era? Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Conrad, what do you make? It's so hard to get trusting relationships and pro wrestling. Yes. And maybe it is in the NFL, maybe it is in other mainstream sports and entertainment. But when you make a friend in a challenging world, like pro wrestling is and it has always been since I've got it in 74, things just, you don't just walk out on your buddies. Right. Let's just keep in touch with them. And so yeah, did we converse as much as we used to? No. But we didn't see communicating. Because he's a friend. And you know on a more sick friendships, especially in pro wrestling when things are so fickle. And things change on a grunt and a grown. He spends a lot of time in T and a off and on for the next 7 years before returning to the Royal Rumble in 2011. He's going to come back as diesel as a surprise. And works a program later on that year with C and punk and Triple H and ultimately, hunter beats Kevin Nash in a ladder match at TLC, that sounds like a rib on Kevin to have that big dude trying to climb a lighter, but still they did it. He would have one last batch in the WWE in 2014 at the Royal Rumble before being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015, and then again, a two time Hall of Famer now going in with the NWO what do you think his legacy is in pro wrestling, Jim? Probably going to be known as one of the more underrated superstars because of his controversy that he sometimes surrounded himself with. As Eric Bischoff said in his famous book, controversy creates cash. And Kevin professed to that philosophy I believe, so it was real, it was a legacy should be good. He's a Hall of Fame guy. He set many, many years at walking that trail. So I think he's got an amazing legacy. And I'm glad that I had a small part in helping facilitate it. I still believe in that guy. start mentioned earlier to show I'm going to start doing more personal appearances. And one of the things I look forward to in doing these personal appearances is the opportunity to reconnect with my old buddies. Right. Don't get to see much. And maybe I appreciate it more since my cancer scare. Even though I'm cancer free right now, I go back to the doctor every week just to make sure I take a lot of samples of my skin and all that tissue, tissue samples. No fun. But I think since I saw my own mortality kind of slapped me in the face, those are opportunities that are important to me. Because this is my life. Pro wrestling is my life, Conrad, and when I can go back and reconnect with the guy, go have a beer. Go grab a steak or something. I want to jump with those opportunities. And that just was a realization for me in the last few months. And my medical, my medical updates have been positive. I'm not paying free. But you know, hell, I may never not be pain free. I don't know. I've tried every med and every new concept to heal these damn wounds. But I don't know. I want to take those opportunities. But one of those things I try to mention is that Kevin and I maybe will reconnect as some of these appearances. It's just like a family reunion in a way. To see all these dudes. And some of them are on their good list, some of them are not. Some of them I let go, some of them think they got screwed on a payoff. Whatever, whatever, whatever. But I hope that I want my reconnect with a lot of guys. And if that were to happen, I hope that Kevin Nash is at the top of that list. Well, sad, I and I hope that you're with us a long time here. I appreciate you talking about your mortality, but I know you're doing what you can, including starting every day with athletic greens.

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