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Minute at one hogan plots well wait a minute lease tell me that you did mess with the plow the oldest one you didn't try and serve him any any additional go quite pay anything like that whatever a mess the rest of all along with him now because all of you fairweather friends out there all of you who been so negative about the yankees all of you who said oh houston astros best hitting team in baseball is no way you can overcome the two nothing playoff lead they left huge in with as he came back to the house said a roy and cheeto build the new yank way way way way you said what i heard gene about what was the other part of a reut you know me loyd it up what wailua any ride era ishwardi oh okay okay last night seven taming rights not looking good for the anc down to the final 9 out site four i not yes and then it's judge time as he knocks one out at a park career the rape kits yes that was magnificent and as you know with aaron judge kelly the strike out swinging or working or then hit the big proper audited but will we'll take those odds right els a good odds when the yawkey an absolutely but ted only made it four one and as you went into the bottom the eighth guess he's up again each judge time this time he just mrs hitting a proper oudda the park here's the two out of that is oh god let's try scorers he's a come back gore you don't judge sterling oftentimes reminds me of when phil rizzuto you should be in the broadcasting both for the yankees and sometimes in in feel fly rule would be call by the umpire in phil rizzuto would act like oh it's it's coded scourge is caught in the indian peel what have you been in the infield in the extreme short part of the outfield but now that was off the wall that was a double and then all of a sudden the shoe nami the avalanche came sanchez to catch here who was not behind the plate yesterday because he's had some defensive difficulties of lay was the designated hitter he hadn't been hitting but oh man did he come through in the pinch now the ryan and giles's set.

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