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Sad story indeed cautionary tale as we get back outside to enjoy all that colorado has to offer according to a piece by sarah kyle and miles blunt hearts in the fort collins colorado and this has emergency responders continued to search. Carter lake for a missing kayaker on monday after a ranger found an overturned kayak at the lake Just after two am on sunday. The search continues to dredge boats and a boat with divers were searching lake for the kayaker on monday. According to the lamoure county sheriff's office the sheriff's office went on. Say the missing. Kayaker is a twenty nine year. old lublin man now. His dent identity has not been publicly released but the agency said that it has been in contact with his family now. Rangers took a boat onto the lake. After larimer county natural resources ranger found the kayak sunday afternoon. They also found a dog which was uninjured and wearing a flotation device but sadly not the man divers searchers using a sonar and drones looked for the man passed one am. Monday continued does searching throughout the day yesterday. Now the search sunday included looking for the kayaker on land but that did not reveal any evidence to indicate that indeed he was on land. Carter lake closed. Monday will remain closed until further notice due to the on going search thoughts and prayers seven fifty.

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