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And now I'm hoping, you'll keep us safe and that will be able to get their life without accident and that we can put the kids on the lake and if they're all in life vests than we know we've done our part and now we're going to ask for you to protect us too. Yeah, that's great. Any other principal or thought? That before we wrap up that we may have missed. Well, you know, president Nelson, he is a prophet of invitations and I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of an invitation, you know, in the time that he has been profit. He's he's issued some very, very powerful invitations and he never says You must do this month. I've never heard him. Say, I, I want you to do this. He says, I invite you to do this. I invite you to find and stay on the Covenant Pap. I invite you to be grateful. You know, I invite you to ponder dead. What you could do in your life, if you had more faith and those things go on. And on I invite you to to fast and pray during this pandemic. And he, you know, I invite you to to study the blessings that come to Covenant Israel. And so that is something I'm trying to to think about. What invitations are we expecting to the people that we serve with, what have we learned from our own experiences that we can invite them to per taken? You know, I love going to the temple as the temple opens up. Can I reissue invitations for sisters to join me in the temple? I don't like family history, but there's some great women in my world who have invited me to participate in family history with them. And I'm going to take advantage of that. Yeah. Yeah. So so I do think that if there was one thing that I'd learned from president Nelson, it's that there's power in invitations and yep. Think that that can bless and strengthen all of us as Leaders. Yeah, and, you know, putting that up against it, maybe a sometimes. People think of leadership as a mandates, right? Sort of, I've got the authority, here's what I'm and eighty, just do it type thing and you know that leadership can work. Well, quote, unquote for for a little bit, but this invitation and I've appreciated as well seeing it, you know, in president Nelson's leadership style of just sort of this constant, proud of engage in the gospel and it will change you. And then the invitations will will come to you naturally and you'll continue to grow and develop as as a, a child of God. And that's, that's the point of the Gospel rock. Yeah, he's always saying, I invite you to keep the Commandments and then enjoy all the blessings that will come in your life as a result. Yeah. Yeah, it's awesome. So I want to make sure we give a good solid plug. If wage. You see, people are listening to this via podcast so they can just hit that search bar. Search Church news. I think even you should just do Church. News should come up red logo for my right. Yes, and microphone something going off..

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